Trump Is A Clown Under Investigation By TheFBI. Do You Give Up Your Insurance Based on Someone Who Should Be In Jail Soon?

YOU FOOLISH AND FRIGHTENED REPUBLICAN CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVES WHO ARE MORE AFRAID OF TRUMP THEN GOD……..GROW UP!  TRUMP is afraid of PUTIN because he owes PUTIN BILLIONS AND PUTIN OWNS HIM.  So you push a pathetic health care bill through and suffocate your constituents and that makes you his footstool.  It makes you nothing but TRUMP’S punk and every dictator wannabe or tyrant wanna like Trump needs punks.  Your vote will signal to him if you sign up for the role or punk or not.

Listen and listen carefully, this clown named TRUMP rushed up to the hill today to THREATEN REPUBLICANS THAT THEY BETTER VOTE IN HIS AND RYAN’S INADEQUATE, PATHETIC, IRRESPONSIBLE, AND WOEFULLY DEFICIENT HEALTH CARE BILL to replace Obamacare.  Sure some folks may like TRUMP’S ARROGANT and brash and insulting nature but do you really believe someone under investigation for ties to RUSSIA AND PUTIN BY THE FBI; someone who has proven to be a pathological liar; and someone the FBI just told America yesterday lied about President Obama wiretapping him is SANE ENOUGH to get you to put your family’s life and death health care decisions on the line.

Don’t you get it.  TRUMP WANTS TO PUSH THIS PATHETIC HEALTH BILL THROUGH THAT WILL COST 24 MILLION THEIR INSURANCE COVERAGE because he needs a win somewhere, somehow.  TRUMP EVEN HAD TO BRING HIS DAUGHTER IVANKA ON BOARD LAST NIGHT AND GIVE HER AN OFFICE IN THE WHITE HOUSE BUT NOT TITLE TO SIT NEAR HIS OFFICE AND HOLD HIS HAND.  WHY NOT JUST appoint Ivanka her father Donald Trump’s conservator and let her keep his fingers off the tweet buttons.  In fact let’s go beyond that.  Ivanka needs to tape Trump’s mouth, put  him to bed at night with milk and cookies and some of those good old medical restraints for the unhinged, and let’s tell him that playing pussyfooting with RUSSIA AND PUTIN may impress all the RICH RUSSIANS HEADED IN AND OUT OF TRUMP ORGANIZATIONS OFFICES BUT NOT THE WHITE HOUSE.

So when the BIG BAD WOLF CAME TO THE HILL THIS MORNING AND LITERALLY THREATENED THE GOP CAUCAS FOLKS THAT THEY BETTER GET THE HEALTH BILL PAST CONGRESS……. WHAT role was Trump playing.  Was he being that great Wall Street Closer he likes to brag about?  Was he being the intimidating head of an American corporation he says makes him a billionaire even though none of us are quite sure.  Was he being a charismatic leader…..I don’t think so.  OR WAS HE BEING AN THUG THAT TAKES AFTER PUTIN AND CONDUCTS HIS AFFAIRS LIKE A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP?



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