Facebook Subjectively Censors Loyal Bloggers And Hides The Sins of the LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES. WHY?

If Facebook can be a social media forum where people share information about REVOLUTIONS IN COUNTRIES AND PROTECT EACH OTHER FROM THE SHAMS IN AMERICA, THEN WHY DOES THIS FORM SO EASILY CENSOR ME WHEN I SPEAK OUT AGAINST INJUSTICE.  TODAY I SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES IN CALIFORNIA….ESPECIALLY LANCASTER AND PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA.  Depending on how a case goes, several of us will file a FEDERAL LAWSUIT AGAINST ATTORNEY RIKKA FOUNTAIN WEEKS FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IS HER ABUSE OF A MENTALLY RETARDED MOTHER AND TRYING TO TEAR HER AWAY FROM A FATHER WHO IS HER CONSERVATOR AND IS QUITE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF HIS GRANDCHILD.  This is a FACT.  This is a CASE GOING ON NOW.  It is named JENKINS and so many lies have been accepted by the court and not defended by attorney Fountain Weeks.  NOW I DO NOT NEED FACEBOOK TO CENSOR ME.  I am ready, willing and able to defend myself if the attorney dares to sue me  for slander or defamation.  But God help the attorneys in the SNAKEPIT I CALL DEPENDENCY COURT because they better be ready to be sued as well or have a cross compliant filed.  All I want is for FACEBOOK TO BE A TRUE SERVICE TO ALL OF US, NOT JUST A SELECT FEW.  LET ME BE SUED IF I AM LYING.  I ACCEPT THAT RESPONSIBILITY. I would enjoy naming an entire list of names and their sins that would certainly remove a stench from the department.

I have been with Facebook for many years and I TOTALLY ENJOY all of my friendships and those who follow me.  I don’t look for people to agree with me; I just like the interaction and the mental stimulation.  Now I don’t share recipes or warm and fuzzy stuff most of the time.  I am a 30 YEAR ADVOCATE AND ACTIVIST FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES IN COURTROOMS AND SCHOOL HOUSES and a retired freelance journalist among many other professions.  I enjoy hard core news and I know a number of well known political types.  I have run political campaigns and yes, I have seen CORRUPTION, GREED, FRAUD AND ALL SORTS OF DEALS BY SOME OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEN AND WOMEN IN THE COMMUNITY OF LANCASTER, CA and beyond. I have suffered the emotional, physical, mental abuse of being a whistleblower, submitted Qui Tam complaints to protect HEAD START PROGRAM CHILDREN, and have been emotionally, financially, and legally crucified by some of the most corrupt public servants I know.   I can name names of judges who took deals, people in the local courthouse who FIXED DOCUMENTS THAT WENT TO APPEALS COURTS ESPECIALLY THE 9TH CIRCUIT, AND I HAVE BEEN IN THE ROOM WHEN JUDGES AND OTHERS SOLD THEIR SOUL FOR SOME GOLD COINS.

What disgusts me the most are those who work for the LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES IN LANCASTER, PALMDALE, CA  known as the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.  Children have died here and then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum where families have been tormented and preyed upon by attorneys in the DEPENDENCY COURT and SOCIAL WORKERS IN THE DCFS OFFICE who think they are God.

I am disgusted by the North Country Regional Center whose Executive Director George Stevens once had the audacity to send me a letter to stop complaining about his organization.  Boy, he made my knees knock.  I have filed a negligence complaint when I found a friend of mine has a granddaughter (infant) who was the victim of negligence by a caregiver and I laugh when people tell me this DCFS social worker or that social worker has told them they would “get back at them” if they, the parent, went to me for help.

SO I QUESTION FACEBOOK’S COMMUNITY STANDARDS ON WHY THEY CENSOR ME WHEN I REPORT STORIES THAT ARE WITHIN MY AREA OF INTEREST AND THE 5,000 FRIENDS AND 800 FOLLOWERS I MINGLE WITH.  Community standards are about informing your friends, stimulating your friends and keeping it real in this treacherous and fearful world.

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