If Only TRUMP and Little Boy PENCE Would Shut Up, Grow Up, And Get Smart

Even Donald Tump’s voters did not want that suffocating health care plan.  All the plan would have accomplished was to allow Trump to move money from health care to his TAX CUTS HE WANTS TO GIVE TO THE RICH IN HIS TAX REFORM EFFORTS.  No one ever said OBAMACARE IS PERFECT but there is something sick about the President of the United States of America talking about letting OBAMACARE COLLAPSE.  Sounds like wishful thinking to me when he should be trying to do all he can to improve a health care system that is working for many Americans.  No, that is not the way Trump thinks.  If he could not get a health care plan that would be nothing but an ACT OF SUICIDE FOR MANY AMERICANS, then he will pout and sit back like a child.

It is embarrassing to have a  president who is so ignorant about what is required to lead a country and unite people.  If he did not have those qualities then why punish us who need such a leader?  He should have stayed in Trump Tower instead of burdening all offs for the last two or so months with his lies, claims of being wired tapped by President Obama, and every issue that comes along.  It is really difficult to have a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AS A PRESIDENT.


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