The Trump Nepotism Policy of the White House Reminds Me of My California Community…. TRUMP COMPANY = PUTIN’S PLAYGROUND

While we all have an adverse opinion of Trump loading the white house positions and cabinet up with family and friends, you should stop and compare the same to local politics.  In California’s Antelope Valley, 79 miles north of the city of the Angeles (Los Angeles), there are no angels in positions where NEPOTISM RUNS SUPREME.  Known as Lancaster and Palmdale, California, I have watched for 30 years as jobs in every sector from the public school districts to municipal government are virtually handled to family members.  There are board members whose children, their spouses, in-laws, first and second wives, friends and family of friends have occupied positions of power simply because they could be put in those spots.  In some cases we are talking about the family clan who suck up some of the highest salaries in the area.  With the salaries come the attitude and power to know they will be passing those positions on to other family or friends despite the fact different entities like to promote such strenuous hiring policies.

Just like Trump’s son-in-law met with the head of a Russian Bank, it was a meeting that could be cause for concern because the bank in question was under US sanctions for several years.  His family was doing business with the bank.  Putin was the person known for the hiring of the Russian banker Trump’s son-in-law met with.

You would have thought Kushner, the son-in-law would have steered clear of such a meeting or the banker in light of all the other people in Trump’s orbit who have done millions and billions of dollars with the richest men in Russia who are close to Putin.  After all, Russia is not America’s best friend in any stretch of the imagination.

Just like Michael Lynn, the man hired to be Trump’s National Security Advisor, and one of the keynote type speakers at the Republican Convention denouncing Hillary Clinton with “lock her up,” finally filed as an agent of a foreign country ONLY AFTER HE WAS FIRED BY TRUMP OR RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED HIS RESIGNATION.  Of course, that did not happen until several weeks AFTER Sally Yates reported to the white house that Flynn had questionable business practices that may lead to blackmail by Russia and had lied to Vice President Pence.  It was not until Yates’ information came out publicly before the white house made a move on him.  Then of course, we don’t want to forget how Trump made $40 — $60 million profit over a piece of Florida real estate he sold to a Russian businessman and associate/friend of PUTIN who had CALDRONS OF MONEY TO UNLOAD AND TRUMP GOT MORE THAN DOUBLE WHAT HE PAID FOR THE PROPERTY BEFORE IT WAS TORN DOWN.













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