Bill O’Reilly: It Has Cost Around $13 Million To Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuits To Keep This Cretin On Fox

The average America would be under the jailhouse with one sexual harassment lawsuit because PROSECUTORS LIKE HIGH CONVICTION RECORDS.  Not so with Bill O’Reilly.  Mercedes Benz finally dumped FOX NEWS TO ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCTS ON.  The most prominent of those suits came in 2004 when the woman got $9 million.  There have been 7 women.  One woman said today that Bill O’Reilly blocked her (Dr. Wendy Walsh) when she refused to go back to his hotel room.

Bill O’Reilly is a pig…….let’s keep it real.  Today another woman filed a sexually harassment lawsuit against Ailes who was let go from Fox.  FOX NEWS……THE SOURCE OF SLANTED NEWS AND THE PLACE WHERE SELF ADMITTED PERVERT DONALD TRUMP LIKES TO GO AND GET INTERVIEWED BECAUSE HE FEELS SO COMFORTABLE.

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