Supreme Court Nominee GORSOUCH Is A GOP Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing…. More Secret Meetings Between Trump and the Russians

El-Sisi is the President of Egypt and rose to power after a military coup.  Many of the respected international members of the coup walked away after finding out how brutal El-Sisi intended to be.  But not Trump.  While America walked away from El-Sisi, Trump could not shake his hand enough even though Trump acted like he could not shake the hand last week of the head of Germany and treated her like she had the plagued.  El-Sisi has no interest in human rights but that does not bother TRUMP.  TRUMP has our representative at the United Nations talk about human rights but he gravitates toward the very opposite kind of leader.

SO ALONG COMES JUDGE GROUCH, TRUMP’S NOMINEE FOR THE SUPREME COURT AND HE HAS THE PERFECT LOOK, PERFECT WORDS, BUT THE DEMOCRATS AND TELLING PEOPLE TO DIG A LITTLE DEPPER BEYOND THE SURFACE.  Gorsouch is no sweet smelling rose my friends.  He may have the look that middle class America “thinks” is fashionable and oh so academically enticing, but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you are the average guy, a woman looking for equal rights, a worker who has to choose saving his life over some crazy directions by a self-absorbed employer, or wants to SAVE ROE V. WADE.  Oh yes, this guy has had millions of dollars in ads paid for by the KOCH BROTHERS TO PERSUADE US HOW PURE HE IS WHEN WE ALL NOW THE KOCK BROTHERS THEMSELVES ARE some of the key political players in the game and far from doing anything just for the little guy.  So why would they support Grouch?  Look for rulings to benefit BIG CORPORATIONS JUST AS DONALD TRUMP HAS DONE NOTHING EXCEPT APPOINT BILLIONAIRES TO HIS CABINET.  One billionaire in particulate is the sister of a man who orchestrated a “secret’ meeting between RUSSIA AND REPRESENTED TRUMP IN ATTEMPTING TO CREATE A BACK ROOM CONNECTION WITH TRUMP.

Just for the record, keep in mind that the  Russia – Trump connection gets deeper and deeper with each passing day.  The extreme direction Tump and friends wants to turn America toward is more and more visible every day.  Losing our allies, become a secluded power and losing our positive reputation in the world as a world leader of democracy is becoming more and more a reality every day..  The embracing of known TYRANTS SUCH AS PUTIN AND THE NEW HEAD OF EGYPT WHO HAS SLAUGHTERED AND/OR IMPRISONED THOUSANDS OF PROTESTORS IN EQYPT leads many to wonder what type of leader is Trump trying to become.

America may be a democratic / republic form of government today…..but what is Trump trying to make it with the likes of Grouch and all these back room meetings with Russia and putting his 36 year-old son-in-law in charge of ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE WHITE HOUSE INCLUDING NATIONAL SECURITY AND RE-ORGANIZING THE GOVERNMENT.



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