Don’t Let The Word “Dysfunctional” Scare You. GET OVER THE FEAR.

Was talking to a friend who was totally upset about someone calling her family “dysfunctional.”  I listened patiently and then I patted her on the shoulder and told her to welcome to my world.  In fact, I told her to welcome to life in general.  Who doesn’t live in a dysfunctional situation from time to time?  Whether it is your family or politics, school district meetings or the operation of the PTA, things can get out of hand in a matter of minutes.  Dysfunctional moments or incidents or even long stretches of events is how we grow by coming up for air, learning our heads, and finding a way to move on.  Some people chant, others trust in God and their different faiths.  Some just hold on and others…..who let dysfunctional situations consume them SINK.

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