I Actually Think Donald Trump Has A Legitimate Purpose, Sinful As It Is

PLEASE DON’T GET THE IMPRESSION THAT I LOATHE TRUMP, DISLIKE HIM, OR EVEN FIND HIM PATHETICALLY ILL PREPARED TO LEAD ANYONE EXCEPT TO DAMNATION. I actually pity him because with all his greed, shoddy deals, gangster type Russian endowed wealth, and perversions toward women and minorities, God must have created him for a purpose. Either it will be a Shepard of disdain or a Shepard of destruction. I see no other outcome except if you count the money he sucks in like a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner for himself and his family. But at 71 he knows he will not be immortal so what the hell. EVERY DAWG IN HISTORY HAS HAD HIS DAY……, AND THEN SOCIETY MOVES FORWARD OR BACKWARD OR IN TRUMP’S CASE….POSSIBLY IMPLODES FROM THE HATE AND LACK OF ETHICAL LEADERSHIP. If you really believe in him and that he gives a damn about any of us average Americans, I will just hold my nose from the stench and sit in the corner and watch you cry one by one as you get disappointed.

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