No Need To Be An OBAMA APOLOGIST Just Because TRUMP Fired Off A Few Missiles That Did Nothing

When President Obama stepped into the White House he was stepping into a pile of dong  and he did not feel the need to point fingers.  He rolled up his sleeves and did the work.  He did everything he could to keep America afloat including saving the Automobile Industry even though so many of you have conveniently forgotten that.  He paid no attention to the PROMISE SENATOR MTCH MCCONNELL MADE on day one of Obama’s presidency that he was going to be a one term president.  Only a man of extreme strength, faith, courage and with a backbone of steel could withstand MITCH MCCONNELL’S GAMES.  PRESIDENT OBAMA did what he could despite the fact people like DONALD TRUMP AND GOP CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS TRIED TO BLOCK EVERYTHING OBAMA TRIED TO DO.  Now Trump talks about an infrastructure bill but what happened when OBAMA PUT FORTH AN INFRASTRUCTURE BILL……HE GOT BLOCKED.

Please spare me all this chatter about Syria right now.  It is only chatter to overshadow Trump’s treasonous dealings with the Russian elite and their form of the mafia.  Trump sold himself, his family and his country to be president and increase his wealth.  Do not for one minute believe Trump is touched by any pictures of dead children.  He is not even touched by the poverty, death, despair, mass incarceration, his attempt to sabotage OBAMACARE JUST BECAUSE HE WANTS TO DO THAT.  Trump has no conscience and no emotions except when it comes to collecting wives, groping women, and making deals with foreign countries that benefit him.  I am terribly troubled by what happened in Syria but I also know history and that President Obama ASKED CONGRESS for the right to take action.  CONGRESS SAID NO.  They did not want more war and death of our own. Be real folks.  Do not let Trump blind you with Syria to all of the sins he has committed that are UNPRECEDENTED IN AMERICAN HISTORY FOR A US PRESIDENT.

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