GIVE ME A BREAK….TRUMP Was Associating with Russian Spies….Now What?

If the information coming out about the associations of TRUMP players with RUSSIA AND PUTIN had involved President Obama, Trump and the Republican Party would have  gone ballistic.  Let’s keep it real!  If Trump acted like a pit bull over the BITHER ISSUE, rest assured TRUMP WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT THERE SHOUTING “LOCK HIM UP!”  But I am not interested in rushing anything because I want Americans to enjoy the education process they will be exposed to with the drip, drip, drip of information that will be delivered to us.  Do not think TRUMP is comfortable at all.  He is a little boy sitting there hoping his daughter Ivanka can calm him and his son-in-law Kushner can run the government for him.

THINK ABOUT IT.  Trump has put his son-in-law in charge of almost EVERYTHING in Washington.  Trump has delegated so much power to his son-in-law because the reality is that Trump does not know how to be president.  Trump is a con man, an actor, someone who likes rallies.  He does not know how to deal with domestic and international dilemmas and it is so obvious.  We put the equivalent of a CARNIVAL BARKER in the whit house and we are paying the price.  Most Americans in the know are sitting there with a ‘tight butt hole” wondering what the crazy Trump will say and DO OR NOT DO.  He is not president of the United States of America.  His team is.  DONALD CANNOT GOVERN.  His team governs.  DONALD IS OUT OF HIS LEAGUE.   And he has surrounded himself with two types of people.  Some who know what to do and some who dislike the middle class and poor.

EDUCATE YOURSELF FOLKS……MARCH, PROTEST …..AND BE VISIBLE.  Trump is actually afraid of Americans uniting.  Do not think he is not.  And he and his family are financially milking the hell out of the American taxpayer.









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