For Those Who Try To Re-define Their Legacy….Some Of Us Still Carry The Original Scars Of Their Greed and Corruption

I always find it pathetic when individuals have spent so many years stomping on the necks of others, destroying the careers and lives of activists who speak TRUTH TO POWER, financially sabotaging activists, and using their “power and authority” to derail an activist’s or advocate’s life strictly for political reasons,  When egomaniacs like these find  that death may be knocking at their door they move to recreate their image, create new logos even to hide the dirt of the past, and forget how they even used their power to sexually exploit the activist(s)  who just wanted peace of mind and protection of his or her family. People like that occupy all sorts of positions in our government as ELECTED POLITICIANS OR SIMPLY RICH MEN and a taste of approaching death makes them think about good deeds as way of seeking  forgiveness if only on a superficial level.  I have walked that line from the torment after being a multi-million dollar whistle blower who filed a Qui Tam Complaint being forced to be sexually preyed on by a man of great wealth and power to feel I could protect my family.  And I  have  documents from those who filed complaints with the local branch of the FBI against politicians of the Lancaster, CA who tried to destroy their highest level government security clearance for a civilian only to be ignored,

I remember that line of thought with Lee Atwaters, the Republican strategist who created the racist Willie Horton presidential political campaign advertisements against Democrat Michael Dukakis, and former Secretary of State Robert McNamara under President Lyndon Johnson who sat many young men to their deaths regarding the Vietnam War.    As alway I tell people that what goes unfolds on the national level happens on the LOCAL LEVEL and is just as painful, sinful, strategic, and equally pathetic.

In my world of the Antelope Valley, I see such actions on the part of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris who I have personally been both his political prey and his employee during his 2008 mayoral campaign.  After watching him work his well-documented magic, power, contacts, and endless resources that included a court system and high ranking politicians back in 1999 when I was a whistle blower against the Palmdale School District, I decided to make a pact with this public figure who was the “devil” in my eyes to seek peace and safety of my family.  In exchange for “giving me my life back? after years of torment by blatantly false stories in the controlled local newspaper, the Antelope Valley Press and publisher Williams Markham and then editor Larry Grooms, I agreed to be the chief strategist on the mayoral campaign of now Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.  Paris already had lost a campaign for a seat on the Antelope Valley Medical Center Board and the $30,000 professional polls he ran told him he was not going to win the mayoral seat.  But he did win and my secret and expert weapons by 387 votes which was all I promised him and no I did not get my life back.  In fact, I got exactly the opposite.  If you read my forthcoming book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR you will learn how the /FBI and Department of Justice had to come in and deal with the charade and bogus warrant created against me by Parris’ minions including now retired Judge Ogden to scare me and punish me for walking away from him after the winning campaign.

But what is sad is how this same PUBLIC FIGURE can rule a courthouse, manipulate judges, district attorneys, and other sheriff department personnel and now want to recreate himself as the SOLAR KING OF LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA AND SOMEONE DOING GREAT THINGS FOR THE COMMUNITY.

In my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR ,  I show how the Antelope Valley, one of the major aerospace areas of America with space shuttle fame, BIB Bomber fame and other aerospace firsts, financially suffocated its residents and destroyed many advocates and activists to make a few men rich, drive others from town, and may even have led to the death of a few who could would not keep their secrets. But most of all the issue is that what DONALD TRUMP IS DOING AND HAS ONE ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL HAPPENS WITH EVEN GREATER INTENSITY ON THE LOCAL LEVEL AND ALL ACROSS AMERICA.

As with our ancestors who survived the Jewish Holocaust, Native American butchery, 400 years of African-American slavery and Jim Crow Laws, Religious witch burnings, ongoing Civil Rights battles and assassinations of leaders like Dr. King, Chinese servitude on the railroads and other atrocities…… we must as AMERICANS STAND UP, SPEAK OUT IN OUR RESPECTIVE COMMUNITIES, AND KEEP IT REAL.

DONALD TRUMP MAY WANT to paint himself as a savior to some, we know he is illiterate in terms of governing this nation and someone who will deny rights to non-whites, the poor, the middle class, and anyone else who is not elite in his group.  He lives by his own rules and sadly Americans are letting his insanity run amuck including brining Russia into our government to eventually hijack our democracy.  On the local level, Mayor Rex Parris has done the same as he tries to redefine his legacy by making himself the SOLAR KING OF AMERICA.  HE WANTS TO BE KNOWN AS SOMEONE WHO WILL SHOW HOW POWERFUL SOLAR POWER AND COST EFFECTIVE SOLAR POWER WILL BE FOR LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA AND AMERICA.  Now all that is wonderful if there had not been a historical journey of politically destroying so many of us who did nothing but SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.  IT WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM TO HAVE THAT LEGACY IF ONLY HE HAD NOT PLAYED RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH THE LIVES OF PEOPLE LIKE ME AND INJURED US IN MANY WAYS THAT LEFT US FINANCIALLY, SOCIALLY, AND PROFESSIONALLY DERAILED JUST TO PROVE HIS  POWER and the federal government let him have the free rein to carry out his whims.

YOU MUST GET AN ABSENCE OF HONOR  for what I mention here is only the tip of the iceberg- But “AN ABSENCE OF HONOR – ADVOCATES AND ACTIVISTS SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER is a page turner because it is about life in /America for all who seek to truly patriotic Americans and love their communities.  IT IS BOTH A NATIONAL AND LOCAL CRITIQUE OF HOW AMERICANS MUST SPEAK OUT, MARCH, PROTEST AND CONTINUE TO WORK ON AN AMERICA THAT IS ABOUT INTEGRITY, HONOR, TRUTH, AND QUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.

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