Trump Has Set A “Culture” In America That Is Odd, Hypocritical, Dangerous, And Admiring “War”

It was one thing when Donald Trump shouted out words  like “bomb the shit out of them” when he was running for office  but enough already.  Today he is actually the president of the already great United States of America and he still cannot behave like the big boy his parents wanted him to act like when he had to be ushered off to military school for his antics.  I think he still thinks he is playing a game.  The only problem is that there are  real people who will live or die on the words that slip from his lips even as he smacks on the famous chocolate cake he brags about serving at one of his resorts.  You have to even ask yourself why his son-in-law has been put in charge of EVERYTHING  at the white house when Kushner did not disclose his conversations and interactions with RUSSIAN REPRESENTS ON HIS SECURITY APPLICATION.  HE INTENTIONALLY OMITTED THEM AS IN HE LIED.  Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code is what he violated which can send him to prison.

At the very least, Kushner’s security clearance should be suspended or revoked.  The Republicans are allowing him to blatantly lie on his security clearance form without any consequences.   The president’s son-in-law is not the first one to lie on that Security Clearance Form concerning Russia.

What is happening now is that TRUMP HAS TAKEN ON A COWBOY MENTALITY and he thinks he can get away with anything he wants.  Historically, we know that works for a while but sooner or later chickens come home to Roost as Malcolm X once said.

What is interesting also is only 16% of the American people support FORCED DEPORTATION.  So who is Trump satisfying……his own bigoted ego that he and his father followed when he use to ban African Americans from renting his apartments?

Life is a difficult journey but America has sometimes boldly moved forward, sometimes stumbled, sometimes took a few steps back, and sometimes ended up in a state of suspended animation. But we remained America….. united when we needed to be.   What TRUMP is doing is trying to divide and conquer us,  using INCARCERATION, DEPORTATION, THE COURTS, EXECUTIVE ORDERS and whatever else he and elitist, rich and /or racist bigoted minions  can to make America look European White.  Sorry Donald, we are a nation of immigrants and you need to read your own grandfather’s letter.

Trump is slowly but surely selling America out.  Whether it is his stupidly and false bravado  moving us toward World War III; his fixation with driving people from the country who have done nothing but raise their families and be productive assets, or  thumbing his nose at all of our allies, THUMBING HIS NOSE AT WOMEN BY DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD THROUGH REMOVING TITLE 10 FUNDS AND MEDICAID, America will survive DONALD TRUMP AND THE TRUMP DYNASTY.  For the latter, all he is doing is hurting low-income women and those who cannot afford mammograms and pap smears.  Planned Parenthood is not primarily about abortions but TRUMP is too ignorant to know that.









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