Trump Opened The Door For Activists and Advocates To Tell Truth To Power

Trump is such a hypocritical figure in society and we owe him a great deal for being ill-informed, a pathological liar, and a con man of major proportions.  Those are actually honorable traits in the world where he made and lost billions since he wishes to label himself a billionaire according to his own measuring rod.  He reminds me of the slave owner during America’s 400 years of barbaric treatment of ownership of black people who believed he could do anything he wanted with those he held a receipt for.  In Trump’s mind, he holds the same type of receipt for Americans who voted for him out of a sense of ignorance, deception, fake news, and false promises.  

Trump has  almost single handedly opened the door for individuals like myself to tell our stories about how cruel, brutal, deceptive, and downright corrupt America’s politicians and corporate executives are.  However, the latter is already well documented.  We know our corporations steal from the consumer and get a slap on the risk.  We consistently are inundated with news about fines for banks from Wells Fargo to Bank of America about consumer schemes.  Even when Indymac went under a few years back, Americans learned that you cannot count on the protection of your money because banks play games with the money they have on hand, loan out, get great interest rates on from the consumer and pay the owner of the funds a pittance.  Even the horrendous SAVINGS AND LOAN SCANDAL was nothing more then a bleep on the moral screen after Bush made sure to pay off his friends and save their banks.  The mortgage debacle was the same sort of event.  Mortgage companies shut down and went down the street or around the corner and opened up new companies and kept the billions of dollars they so adeptly stole.

The truth to power speech Trump has unleashed is due to the draconian cuts he has tried to make to health care for the middle class and poor.  It is unleashed in the revoking of President Obama’s Executive Orders that tried to protect the environment and played into EPA standards.  Trump, who believes CLIMATE CHANGE is something out of a Disney movie and has no basis in science has rolled back Obama orders that will allow his business buddies to pollute our streams, oceans, and any oceans.

Now I do not know what kind of student Trump was in school but I cannot believe he was at the top of his class, even starting in first grade.  He does not read even critical national security reports; he does not comprehend the relevance of his pathological lies, and he does not “get it” that some people can add even if he cannot.  He talks about fiscal responsibility yet strips the taxpayers of New York and Florida for the luxury of putting up the First Lady in their luxurious pent house suite.  He milks Floridians because he cannot live without a trip to Florida almost every weekend on Air Force One at a cost of $3 million per trip.  He is not a fiscal conservative who cares about the American taxpayer.  He is a pompous, self-indulgent, self-absorbed elitist who is indebted to the hilt to Russian banks and thus the puppet of Putin no matter what script the two play out on the world stage.

So advocates and activists need to start to write and put out self-help books that will help those in American communities to protect themselves from men like Trump.  These corrupt, greedy, foolish individuals have been playing a game for decades with everything from school bond funds, city redevelopment funds, and non-voter approved debt.  As someone who has sat in rooms where such deals were consummated and tried to be a Whistle blower, all I can say is let me count the ways we have made LITTLE DONALD TRUMPS RICHER THAN RICH.  Lancaster, California in California’s Antelope Valley and aerospace capital where corruption unfolded to the tune of billions of dollars right under the nose of the federal government.  The question only an activist and advocate like myself can answer is WHO ALLOWED THE CORRUPTION AND WHY?  Not to mention, how do communities protect themselves from continued financial cannibalism when someone like Donald Trump is in power?

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