Donald, Let’s Not Play War Games To Improve Your Pathetic Image….Just Keep Collecting Foreign Business Permits

I get tired of certain American politicians, who do not qualify to be called statements in the least, playing war games just for the hell of it.  That is exactly what TRUMP AND PENCE ARE DOING to impress the American people as they near 100 days of fruitless action that shows a white house and white house staff out of sync with the American people.  They have accomplished nothing even when they could have come to the table to work with Democrats on REFORM NOT REPEAL of OBAMACARE, OR GIVEN THOUGHTFUL AND INTELLECTUAL CONSIDERATION TO IMMIGRATION POLICIES.  TRUMP could have looked at tax reform but of course that was not possible because he refuses to show any of his tax returns that show how little he has paid over the last 20 year and all the loopholes he has taken advantage of.  Trump could not have worked on tax reform because no one would have known all the goodies he was about to give himself without seeing all the goodies he has already gobbled up.  So what does that leave, immigration?  Are you kidding.  There was nothing Trump was going to do to make immigration reform a thoughtful process when he has called almost every immigrant under the sun who is non-white a rapist, a criminal, scum and worse.  So what is left for Trump to have accomplished during his first 100 days except put more money in the pocket of the TRUMP FAMILY.

YES, THAT IS WHAT TRUMP HAS DONE.  Used the first 100 days of his presidency to get business permits for his daughter and to get permits for his golf courses in other countries that were held up.  Yes, those first 100 days have been very lucrative for the TRUMP FAMILY but not the AMERICAN WORKER.

Anything that benefitted the American worker that Trump took credit for was already in the works during the Obama administration.  The Health Care bill he and Ryan proposed was tantamount to a suicide bill for most middle class Americans and could also be considered an act of extermination when it came to what was stripped from OBAMACARE.

SO NOW TRUMP IS DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST.  He is playing war games with North Korea because he has to flap his lips and exercise  the flabby muscle between his ears.  Then again he has to run to Ivanka and ask her and her husband what he thinks and God help America if pushing the nuclear code button is the only thing he can figure out to get his poor rating numbers down.

Trump was never meant to be President of the great United States of America.  A con man, carnival barker, self admitted pervert, bankruptcy king, pathological liar but not a president.  He hoodwinked coal miners into believing he was bringing jobs back to them and that was a blatant lie.  He hoodwinked Americans that he wanted to leave a clean environment for their children and then reversed Obama’s EPA Executives to put money in the pockets of his friends.  He laid down with Russian dawgs and got up with more fleas and yet he wants the American taxpayer to pay $3 million a weekend for him to vacation in Florida….and that is almost every weekend.

This man should be impeached at the least and just sent off to a private island in the middle of some obscure body of water to rule like the tyrant he wants to be. Bur Republicans do not have the balls yet to admit, they let a con artist con them out of their own party by talking slick and carrying a big stick.














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