Censored From Facebook Again And Again And Again

Holy Cow!  I guess Facebook has nothing better to do then attempt to destroy my ability to reach my 5,000 friends and 1,000 followers by censoring me for any and everything.  This time they reached back 6 months and censored me for a picture I was censored for before.  It shows the marks on the legs of a child I reported the caregiver for because I believed “neglect” was involved.  I just happen to live in a community where four Los Angeles County Department of Social Workers are on trial for the alleged negligence, etc. that led to the death of a 9 year old child named Gabriel.  I was involved in pushing the Gabriel case so why would I not report the “negligence” I saw up close and personal that involved a family friend’s child in the custody of the county for reasons I find absurd.  Of course, the submission of that information did not make me a loving buddy of the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services and that is okay.  I have been tortured by many political power brokers in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster, CA) for over 25 years for speaking out as a whistleblower, etc.  I have been put through hell and I am sure it will not stop because the Republican Party in my neck of the woods prides itself on destroying people’s careers, lives, and emotional strength.  The only thing they cannot reach is your spiritual strength and believe me, “they” give you a run for your money on that level as well because they are unrelenting.

So please make sure you pass it around on your Facebook pages, if you belong to Facebook, then you have to interact with me here at www.drdianadontplay.com.  The fact that the people who have become rich off the dollars of the Antelope Valley Plantation for decades and have never had to answer for highly questionable deeds is something that America needs to answer for eventually.  People seem to think that Bill O’Reilly being pushed off of FOX NEWS shows that the Murdoch family is trying to correct its culture.  I do not believe that.  There is a major money deal in the works and FOX NEWS had to make a business decision.  The life of the Antelope Valley Plantation is one story in the overall fabric of the American culture.  I assure you there are many more and yet whistleblowers like myself get tormented, discredited and attacked using even the court system and the government does nothing to those who even I have the evidence committed grave injustices.  They are white men, protected by a white system, and have powerful contacts in and out of government whose palms also get greased.  It does not matter that I once filed a Qui Tam complaint that the government told me to go ahead and pursue…….not them but me.

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