Judge Curiel, the Jurist Insulted by Trump, Now Oversees A Case Where ICE WENT Too Far

Homeland Security has to go to court now because ICE has gone too far.  However, most Americans know ICE has been going too far, rounding up mothers who have no criminal records and picking up fathers as they drive their children to school.  We know that the DREAMERS, young adults who voluntarily signed up for citizenship consideration under President Obama because they came to America as children and grew up here, are in “trouble”.  Everyone knows  TRUMP seems intent on making an example with anyone within his reach and he could not care less if these children do not know anything except what their life in America involves.

THERE ARE CONTINUOUS ACTIONS ON THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S PART TO START FOREIGN POLICY FIRES WHEREVER POSSIBLE.  The desire is  TO TAKE AMERICA’S EYE OFF OF the money Trump’s family is making by receiving approvals to sell the family’s products in foreign countries.  One day Trump and his daughter Ivanka have dinner with the representative from China, almost the next week she receives approval to do business deals in China.  One day Trump has a conversation with the head of a foreign country on the phone and the next day some golf courses owned by the Trump family gets a foreign deal through.  If Trump is not using the presidency to butter his family’s bread then Americans are blind and need more than a guide dog…….they need common sense thrown in too.

But ironically, the judge that was blasted by Trump in the Trump University case and claimed judge’s  biggest sin is that JUDGE CURRIERL IS MEXICAN.  By the  way, Trump case ended with Trump settling the Trump University case for $25 million.

This case is important to Trump because Trump went out of his way to degrade this judge.  We are seeing tough rhetoric from Trump on anything “foreign” or “immigration status” focused because his 100 days in office is approaching and Trump cannot point to any real accomplishment.







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