Attorney General Jeff Sessions Often Comes Across As Dumb As He Looks AND ……….. Trump Is Punking Americans And Laughing All The Way To The Banks of Russia and Cypress

It is so disconcerting that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has loose lips that spin so much empty rhetoric and create animosity vs. unity.  First Sessions insults a federal judge resident in Hawaii for not agreeing for Trump’s travel ban.  When told the recipients of his comments were not pleased, he sounds like a bad impression of Gomer Pyle as he says “Golly gee, I was not being mean.”  He then insults the men and women in the police force in New York City and call them soft on crime.  Nothing could be farther from the truth but truth has not been an outstanding point with anyone associated with the Trump administration.  New York’s police force tells Sessions to come to New York and say it to their face!  Is Sessions about building a bridge, a wall, or a moot around Washington, D.C. bureaucrats and the rest of the country?

When being questioned about the first Dreamer who has been deported……the lawyers for the young man say Sessions and  the Homeland Community chief lied.  Sessions’ team claims he left voluntarily and lost his Dreamer status.  The attorneys say that is a lie.  Additionally, the people in Hawaii note that the judge in Hawaii is not the only federal judge who blocked Trump’s ban.  There have been several but Sessions obviously cannot count beyond one or is it simply a matter of lying to America and believing we will accept anything.

Today, Trump told America he still wants the wall and that Mexico will pay for it.  Mexico    gave America the bird literally.  We are supposed to shut down social and health programs that Americans need, especially our struggling middle class, to build a wall? But Trump says something and Trump’s base says it must be true because it came from the mouth of God Almighty.

What is frightening about all of this is that local communities will take their lead about justice from what people like US Attorney General Jeff Sessions does. If he lies, they will lie on the Municipal and Superior Court level where it all starts and the misinformation is compounded as the case winds through the system.  And believe me, I know they lie.  I have reviewed transcripts where superior court judges have had the integrity to put it on record, in the court’s transcript, that the prosecution lied, concocted a case, or create evidence where none existed.  It is a scary situation to be in especially when your freedom or life just may be on the line.

And then you have to ask yourself where do you go for justice when you have a president of the Great United States of America who is a hypothetical liar and never flinches.  If we thought the days of legalized slavery and Jim Crow days were frightening, then these four years have got to be beyond that….terrifying….paralyzing…..any word along those lines will do.  If you are retired and hiding out then maybe it does not matter to you what the government is doing but how many of us are not affected by the arm of government in some form of fashion?

I think most Americans  are fatigued.  We are plum out of energy and we cannot even pretend that the first 100 days of this presidency have been like a horror film with a slash and burn courtesy of Executive Orders.  Have you ever been in a situation before when so many Americans in even positions of authority have dared to call the president “a liar.”  How frightening to think that the smartest people in the West Wing of the white house may turn out to be his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law and nepotism is probably saving our asses.

Trump has done everything from accuse former President Obama of wiring Trump Towers to trying to destroy the professional career of former UN Ambassador Susan Rice.  He has rolled back Environment Protection Act standards and let his business friends have a free hand at damaging the health of Americans.  Trump has hidden his wealth, his tax returns, his ties to foreign governments like Russia, and brought a white supremacist into the white house as an advisor.  He has done more than any of us would have ever thought we would accept in modern day America but it is okay because he is president and we are the pawns of the kingdom.

Yes, Donald wants to be king and he just may make it to that level.  Who knows, I am just a dumb African American and strike two…a woman.  What do we know in this land of white supremacy,, elitism, and the fact that most blacks and hispanics and people of non-white cultures have had the fear of God put in them by our president and his cabinet of the elite.

By the way, do not believe the $400,000 from Isabel P. John that was donated to the Trump inaugural campaign is legit.  On MSNBC it was shown how donors have used fake names, fake address, and fake everything else.  We are talking about cash of $25,000 and lost of shell corporations.  Let’s face it.  AMERICANS ARE IN THE ABYSS AND DONALD TRUMP HAS AMERICANS BY THE BALLS.  We will not even go into all the properties…..millions and millions of dollars……. in real estate that the president owns and the money goes into his pockets.  Just like the membership fee of his Florida weekend retreat went from $100,000 a year to $200,000 a year, please do not tell Americans Trump is not using the presidency to make him richer and richer and richer.  I can no longer listen to that dribble that he ran for president to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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