Facebook Rubs Me The Wrong Way When Trying To Be Politically Correct…..What Happened To A Sense Of Corporate Morality And Integrity Regarding A Child?

FACE BOOK HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO help activists and advocates disseminate life and death information on the well being of families, not just count their billion dollar bank accounts.  However, you would not know that by the careless ways the robotic nerds censor you with no communication or response to your inquiries.  I guess being rich and thinking you are indispensable puts you in that frame of mind.

For years I communicated with my friends all over the world about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and whether not a few xanax were necessary to keep the normal depression of life at bay…..smile.  I used FaceBook because it was convenient and the numbers of friends and followers just started adding up.  I am an open spirit so I saw my page as an exercise of continuing my political and family activist work and occasionally letting people get to see my soul.  It worked for me and I have friends who have been with me from the beginning.  Nothing seemed too sensitive or too embarrassing to share because I imagine we all have a cross to drag along or an albatross around our neck.

But today I made a decision.  With 5,000 friends and about 1,000 followers I decided the convenience Facebook is no longer a convenience.  I am often censored for things I consider ridiculous when I have friends who have political relationships with me.I find absurd to be censored for 30 days (a spank on the hand by a computer nerd system) when I write a legitimate story about a neglected and perhaps abused infant and show the marks on her legs. I do that as a journalist because a picture is worth a 1,000 words and I have a loathing and deep disrespect for many of the social workers who work for many of the social agencies in my area.  I have been active for almost 30 years and see those who are burnt out, have god complexes, take out their frustrations on parents, and demand you genuflect and kiss buttocks several times.  They even act like it is a perfected ritual and it does not matter if they are on the lower rung or a Regional Director, ignorance and arrogance oozes from their pores.

Now I would be more understanding but I like to keep it real and feel no need to dress up the ugliness I have seen in a pretty party dress.  I have personally witnessed social workers are  “evil the bone” as we use to use the phrase to emphasis the extensive nature of a situation, some are  abusers of the system, and have a “do as I say, not as I do mentality.”  Still others have been around so long they will tell you they can get away with anything.  I know these types best of all.  They know how to cross a “t” and concoct a story that makes them seem like the victim.  They write and submit bogus reports to the Child Dependency Court to make you look like Dart Vader’s twin and they circle the wagons to protect the lies of others.  You can tape them saying something evil or arrogant, record them, have a witness and they will still look at you with two heads as if you must be kidding.

So I say shame on Facebook whoever is the billionaire owner now.  Instead of giving into the pressure of a few powerful politicians and bureaucrats in my community of Lancaster / Palmdale, CA, you need to stand up for children.  Maybe you will save a life or two instead of making advocates and activists like myself seek other ways to communicate important information to America’s communities as well as global friends who want to learn and share quality of life issues and challenges.

The culprits in my report included the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, several group homes licensed by the state, the Lancaster, California Dependency Court that operates like a “snake-pit” with lawyers who have outgrown their usefulness, concern, and any degree of integrity.  From Attorney Rikki Fountain Weeks to Social Workers Susan Tripp-Monson, David Cantu, Manager Alice Ross, Ms Newby, Director Barbara Dallas, Barbara Turnstile, and even the North Los Angeles County Regional Center whose Executive Director George Stevens allowed a 14 client to loose her social security, live in a parking lot in the rain when he was 8 months pregnant, and did not have his people get his long term client any pre-natal care and she lived in group homes sanctioned by his organization……. I say that is just the short list.  But many social agencies that get MUCH FUNDING need to be completely dismantled and the culture of these agencies rehabilitated.

That is just the tip of the iceberg in a community I call the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION where you will learn about public school district malfeasance and fraud covered up by high ranking Republican Politicians.  To add a sting to the news, let me say, all this occurred for decades under the rose-colored sense of the federal government in a community that was one of the fastest growing communities in past decades due to billion dollar aerospace contracts including the space shuttle and the B1B Bomber.


















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