When The Government Let’s Politicians Financially Pillage Their Own Communities And Become Millionaires

(Excerpt from “An Absence of Honor”, 2016, Dr.Diana Beard-Williams)

Elizabeth Smith, Mayor R. Rex Parris, and Dr. Diana Beard-Williams in 2008 when the night Parris won his first mayoral campaign.

Most Americans are doing nothing but shadow boxing and thinking they are making positive changes in their community. A little window dressing here, a few social services there, and lots of illusionary symbols of middle and lower middle class advancement adds up to ZILCH. The real money is being taken out of most American communities by a few men who put their names on every building from a school gymnasium to an actual public school while these men fleece taxpayers out of the big bucks. Oh my God, the day of the Redevelopment Dollars flowing like water through the fingers of groups like the Lancaster City Council, Lancaster, CA was enough to take care of most special needs students in the local school districts that often went without essential equipment. I know. I was there and I heard the talk while the politicians and some of the public school district superintendents sucked the funds up or channeled them to developer friends like Richard McClean. Now I am told that the backlash for my telling the stories of how communities get financially fleeced will cause some folks to take a “bite out of my ass” according to a Mr. Baker who runs Grace Resources. But if I were sick and about to meet the Lord, I think I would like to stop being a pawn and throwing poor people under the bus so the richest in town could get richer.

Again, this is not just about the Antelope Valley Plantation (Palmdale and Lancaster, California). This is about An Absence of Honor in America overall and in your beloved communities and about how concerned citizens and taxpayers, children and family advocates, and activists in general can avoid all the legal, social, and financial land-mines that are put in place by politicians, developers, justice system personnel, and those who were handed jobs and titles they have to pay homage to keep. I have seen people of righteousness, integrity, and honor make a 360 degree turn and join the evilness of a community simply to hold on to a title and position they cannot take to the grave with them and which will not save their souls. I have seen people put through a figurative buzzsaw just for standing up for a more righteous way of life for humanity in general, especially the protection of children in something as basic as the Federal Head Start Program worth millions of dollars for the Palmdale School District in Palmdale, CA. Just how do you combat the greed and corruption in your community if you feel you are climbing out on a limb all alone is the key question and why should you become the system’s victim when the system of corruption is so entrenched in your community? You have no friends because no one wants to jump into the fray with you and you have enemies because people think you should just shut up and get your house that is owned by the bank, enjoy your car that is owned by the dealership, and keep your job that is controlled by the web of corrupt minions at the top. Believe me everything in your small community is connected and once you share a secret with one person, including the government at times, your backside is on the line.

Well, the first thing you have to do is get all the documentation you can which is something a now deceased California State Senator named Pete Knight once told me before he set me loose to fend off the Republicans cannibals who were gobbling up millions of dollars at the blink of every eye. Then you have to send that information out to everyone around the country, never keep it at home he told me. And then you have to do the most fascinating thing of all……suck up the pain, sit back and wait for the attacks that in my case even included a front page story, top fold, in the Antelope Valley Press for 30 days straight. Like Will Smith said in one of his movies Enemy of the State, the first thing they have to do is destroy your credibility and then they will financially, emotionally, and legally cannibalize you.

And Pete said know your real enemy, not the ringers they send your way. In my case he told me my real enemy was a man named Frank A. Visco who I had talked about on a radio show I had. He said Frank would could and he has, often with others with the likes of law offices, district attorney offices, judgeships and more. I even got beat up once but what made me more fearful then anything was the untimely death of someone I had gotten to know named Rose Dispenza who supposedly committed suicide. Rose had become a friend and an immense resource about the Antelope Valley Plantation. One day while she was so excited about running for a city council seat for Palmdale, California she supposedly shot herself in the head. Terror went to anger then to resignation that Rose did not die by her own hand as I sat in her hospital room praying for her all alone and then walking around listening to the bits of conversations going on all around me involving those men who Pete Knight once told me would come for me, a journalist, free lance columnist for major newspaper around the country and foreign countries, a radio talk show host, an idealistic American patriot, an advocate for children and families, and one of the highest ranking Blacks in a management position in the Palmdale School District who wrote ghost columns for Superintendent Nancy K. Smith and had an office connected to hers by a door so I could hear EVERYTHING AND EVERY DEAL THAT WENT DOWN. I was her confidante thinking she was honorable as she conspired with law firms like O’Melveny & Myers to do things like hide video cameras in classrooms to spy on teachers or bribe both classified and certificated union leaders to do her bidding. The only problem was that I would not condone her actions but the Republicans who had their hands in the cookie jar would.

Most of all Pete Knight taught me one thing, record, record, record and trust no one. He then shook my hand and told me he would never speak to me again and he did not. One he was a Republican on their side and second he was dying of cancer. But he did say as I stood at the door looking back at him, “Why didn’t you just join us?”

So tell me America, how would you handle such deception in your community in 2016 and beyond knowing the “system” is hooked up like a web. Keep reading and I will tell you how to save your children, your community, your integrity and your soul. But first you have to know as Pete Knight said, know your real adversary who wants to destroy anyone who speaks out and my adversary was three people…….Frank Visco, former treasurer and chairman of the Republican California State Party, Attorney and now mayor of Lancaster, R. Rex Parris who could have befriended me if he had wanted to, and Former State Senator and member of the California Franchise Tax Board George Runner who was as crooked as Lombardi Street in San Francisco.

Everyone else was the second string. Take a look at how much power FRANK VISCO alone had and tell me if I had a chance of surviving him if his hands were in so many cookie jars. Funny folks, read the last sentence of this article. The project did not die and Visco, well, he is so rich politicians use to fly into Lancaster via helicopter to kiss his ring.
But this book is not just about the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION and how a few men became rich and a few people died along the way. IT IS ABOUT YOUR AMERICA, MY AMERICA, OUR AMERICA AND HOW DO WE PROTECT OUR INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITIES FROM TRANNY and still believe in an American Dream? Keep reading……later chapters will give you the survival skills you never thought of before because I learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice and many other government agencies are beholding to the contacts, friends, associates, and minion of the men in your community who pull the puppet strings and steal from your children, set people up, and fleece your government accounts like Redevelopment Funds. Sometimes you say……why bother. The deck is surely stacked against “us” so you do not focus on the country, you focus only on your own community and be mindful of the carpetbaggers as Rose Dispenza should have when she supposedly committed suicide.

Developer Drops Controversial Offer : Lancaster Courthouse Deal Fizzles

June 06, 1989|SEBASTIAN ROTELLA | Times Staff Writer
Frank Visco, a Lancaster developer who is also state Republican Party chairman, abruptly withdrew Monday from a proposed agreement with the city of Lancaster to acquire land for a new courthouse, after the proposal was attacked as unfair to other developers.Visco blamed Lancaster Councilman George Theophanis, a political rival, for orchestrating opposition to the project.Under the proposal, the Lancaster Redevelopment Agency–which has the same members as the City Council–would have loaned Visco $1.5 million.The money would have helped Visco buy a 30-acre site at Sierra Highway and Avenue M for $4.3 million. The land would be offered to the county for construction of a new home for the Antelope Valley branches of Los Angeles County courts. The county government would have to approve the project and finance the construction.Developers Object But other developers feared that Visco would get the inside track on the construction work.After Visco’s decision to withdraw, the redevelopment agency voted to open negotiations to all interested developers.Visco blamed the change on “my being in the limelight politically” and said he thought “the project is going to die.”
THE PROJECT DID NOT DIE AND FRANK IS A VERY RICH MAN FROM YEARS OF DEALS ON THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION. EVER WONDER HOW VISCO HAD THE INSIDE TRACK TALKED ABOUT IN THE ARTICLE, EVER WONDER HOW “BISHOP” HENRY HEARS GOT A CHARTER SCHOOL THAT WENT UNDER? Ever wonder who made mega millions off of the WalMarts on the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION? Every wonder how developers like Kaufman and Broad and others got “Will Call” letters and all the water they needed to build some questionable houses and other developers got shut out?
Again, this book is not about finger pointing in the Antelope Valley, it is about how do you control your own American community and not loose sight of the American Dream, while others have houses here there and everywhere and you are struggling to pay your mortgage. And your kids are being warehoused in public schools vs. educated.
But there is one thing that irritates me as I sit back and watch the tree limbs twist and turn in the wind. It is the black people who have sold out only to be kicked to the curb later thinking selling their souls would mean something. If I could do it all over again, or if I hit the lottery, the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION WOULD BE THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH I WOULD BUY A HOME.

(Excerpt from ‘An Absence of Honor”.

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