The Culture of Fox News Went Beyond Harassment. My Black Sibling Was Once Asked To Sing “I been working on the railroad.” It Was At A Fortune 1000 Company

As someone who has worked for 30 years as a child and family activist and advocate for almost 30 years in Lancaster / Palmdale, CA, I think I know about the dawgs and all the fleas even if they are millionaires and billionaires.  What I am hoping is that Americans will buy my book “An Absence of Honor” that comes out soon and learn the ugliness of America that We The People Should Think About Each Other And Be United.

AT FOX NEWS, Blacks were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of superiors.  Does that shock you,  It should not?  My problem who is 60 years old and quite accomplished once early in his career was asked to sing “I been working on the railroad” for his white boss and a woman whose pants the boss was trying to get into.  My brother is no slouch and is a high ranking senior executive at a Fortune 1000 company today and has been over the many years of his career. My brother always said Blacks had to have a computer for a brain for in the span of seconds he had to find the appropriate answer that did not make him sound insubordinate and draw a line in the sand.  It did not happen at Fox but the company was equal to Fox in stature.  By the way, my sibling is educated, professional, highly intelligent, and has achieved unprecedented success.  He handled the white boy with a flair and told him guess what…..”I never heard of that song.”

That happened to my highly professional and financially successful brother early in his career but he has never forgotten that experience.  Now Caucasians work for him in large numbers and he has never asked a Caucasian to dance a jig for him.

It is so amusing that FOX IS GETTING SO MUCH ATTENTION YET MY BROTHER, MYSELF AND MANY OTHERS WERE EXPECTED TO GROVEL TO CAUCASIANS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DID VERY LITTLE for decades. I worked for the AETNA LIFE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY in Hartford, Connecticut and was picked to be in their management training program.  I met Arthur Ashe who was a spokesperson for The Aetna at the time.  Caucasian employees resented him, mocked him, degraded him to me and Caucasians can be so ignorant because when you are one black employee in a department of 90, they forget they are in the presence of an African American woman.  Most of the people I was accepted into that special program with because Aetna Vice Presidents.  I left Hartford after two years.  The racism was suffocating in the company and in the community. It is 2017……and the sins of racism, bigotry, degrading women and minorities still roll on.  No one even cared that President Donald Trump talked openly about groping women’s vaginas as a right of Trump’s position.

How can anyone like right wing radio talk show host dare say that we do not know what Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes really did.  Well, think of it this way, together they cost FOX $80 MILLION IN PAYOFFS AND THEIR OWN SEVERANCE PACKAGES.  That is more than FOX would have contributed for after school programs, single mothers going back to college, or child care.  FOX WOULD PAY A BOUNTY FOR PERVERTS but as a corporate culture I doubt it would pay a dime to uplift and empower the same groups of people Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes loved to demean.

America, how dare President Donald Trump defend O’Reilly.  But dawgs do tend to lay to lay with other dawgs who have fleas.


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