The GOP Wants To Get DEMS To Approve Wall In Budget And What…Cut Out Social Programs

I think Donald Trump, Congressman Paul Ryan, and that idiot of a white house budget director is sniffing something in the back room of the white house or smoking a joint,  Can you believe they actually want the Democrats to sell Americans down the river by diverting money from social programs to the building of Donald’s Mexico Wall so he can feel empowered for another 100 days.  Tell Donald there are such things as anti-depressants if he is not feeling giddy about his performance thus far.  I just wish Donald would beam down to earth.

And please stop putting that special needs person Jeff Sessions out there speaking for the administration.  He makes the special needs kids and adults I work with look bad because  Sessions is a paid troll who sits up and barks out anything Trump tells him.  We have Sessions who barks, white house press secretary Sean Spicer who barks and Tillerson who barks.  Now we do not have more than half the employees on board to do any work but these guys have time to run around the world with Vice President Pence in two finding ways to fuel what looks like a potential World War III.  Why wouldn’t North Korea say “screw you” just on the principle of elite, self serving, self-absorbed, and greedy  Trump cabinet members acting so foolish and unprofessional and barking at everyone?


BY THE WAY TAKE THAT BORDER WALL AND SHOVE IT!  How do we know Mexico is going to pay for a wall when Mexico told Trump to his face…..”Screw You!”









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