Trump Will Be Impeached….Count On It

Take a deep breath and exhale.  Sit back and put all of Donald’s actions into one of these categories and if they ALL fit,  impeachment looms on the horizon for him.  And this is just a short list:

Acts in violation of the constitution

Restaurants alleging Trump businesses are benefitting from his presidency in conflict of interest

Proof of pathological lies (lying over and over and over again) that jeopardize America’s security

Lying to the country about President Obama on a felony that proven blatantly force

Abuse of power

Intentional spread of hate between groups

Intentional abuse and harassment of Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, and other groups

Admitted perverted activities regarding women

Involvement of his children in Russian politics and deal making

He released all of the US Attorneys and had no replacements for them.  We are a country without criminal justice teeth

Appointment of cabinet officials who lied on their own applications for the positions

Appointment of a US. Attorney General that even Coretta Scott King wrote a letter during a hearing for him to become a judge about his racist actions

He lied to the coal miners about their jobs coming back.  He is not even fighting for actual health care for the same coal miners

Health bill that eliminates 24 million Americans from Health Care coverage and pushed billions into the pockets of the rich


Attack on the environment by reversing EPA regulations and considering Climate Change  voodoo science

Different between being busy and being effective.  Motion is not action.

Constant lies to the American people and use of office for personal gain

Ivanka’s abuse of nepotism laws in the white house.

Trump may get pass impeachment if he just flies away like Richard Nixon did but I doubt that.  When the truth about Russia comes out, people will be enraged at how America was sold down the river by Trump and his associates.  He needs to stop claiming everything is unique to Trump because corruption, manipulation, and deception is not unique.  Trump has done everything he can do degrade the judicial branch of the government due to his pathetically drafted Muslin Ban.  Trump keeps saying he has a different kind of presidency.  You bet he does.

He has shown some signs of learning on the job but his idiotic behavior may have caused irrevocable harm.

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