Trump’s Knees and Mayor Parris’ Knees Are Knocking…Trump Is Under Criminal Investigation By the FBI And Other Agencies…Parris Is Being Watched…..Even You Would Be Nervous

HIS NAME IF R. REX PARRIS AND HE IS THE MAYOR OF LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA.  I SHOULD BE AFRAID OF HIM BUT FEAR WEARS THIN AFTER 25 YEARS OF BEING ABUSED, BEING SET-UP AND TORMENTED, AND THEN BEING DRAGGED BACK INTO HIS CIRCLE WITH PROMISES TO RIGHT ALL THE WRONGS HE DID TO MY LIFE.  But a leopard does not change his spots.  Fearing a  loss of my life, torment to my family, confidante  regarding so many deals, and how he stomps on so many others kind of make fear wear thin because being the prey of men like Mayor R. Rex Parris makes you numb.  Thank God I was best friends with his buddy Bill, his mother loved to tell her tells of woe, and I had access to so many documents and conversations in his office.  Most of all, it does pay to be intimately, professionally, and personally close to such a man who promises not to let anyone take your life because you know where the skeletons in a community funded by BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FEDERAL AEROSPACE FUNDS are buried.  And it is not as if I did not want to believe in someone who tried to destroy my life and forgive him because he suffers from mental health disorders that he inflicted on me over years of torment.  Forgiveness just does not work when you win a mayoral campaign for him and he fails to tell the community how you were the victim of being tarred and feathered because you were a whistle blower and knew how the Palmdale School District should not be stealing money from children.  When I think of Mayor R. Rex Parris, Frank Visco, former California State Chairman and Treasurer of the GOP, buddy to Sheriff Leroy Baca who was just found guilty of felonies, and deal maker with all sorts of people who are now rich, you want to talk to other activists and advocates because they have no idea how horrible local government is.  It makes TRUMP LOOK LIKE CHILD’S PLAY.

Listen, Trump knows he has a lot of dirt swept up until his rug and he is under Criminal Investigation by the FBI and other Agencies and Commissions concerning Russian.  His chief of staff talks a good game on the talk shows but we can cut through the B.S.  Trump is in group and Americans know he is a pathological liar, making money off of Russian deals, and making money off of properties based on his presidency title.  CONFLICT OF INTEREST FOLKS.

So sit back and keep watching TRUMP dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole like Mayor R. Rex Parris, Steve Baker or Grace Resource, Visco, George and Sharon Runner and so many others have done.  WE MADE THEM RICH AND THEY MADE THE ANTELOPE VALLEY A DESERT TOWN BUILT ON A SHAKEY FOUNDATION.  I bet Trump would get the hell out of Washington, D.C. if he could just like Mayor Parris would like to take his finger out of the damn in Lancaster, CA but neither can.  I bet Trump is cursing PUTIN OUT FOR PUTTING HIM IN THIS POSITION.  BUT ALL TRUMP WAS CONSUMED BY BACK THEN WAS MONEY,…MONEY….MONEY.

Even on Friday, Donald was dragging along.  He knows he has lawsuits hanging over his head from the women he allegedly harassed to the Russian money being allegedly laundered through Russian Banks and the bank of Cypress.  The entire family smelled nothing but money but you know that not all money is good money……DONALD JUST NEVER LEARNED THAT BUT HE WILL.

He is too incompetent to adequately staff the white house, the government, the all critical State Department and has all these Russian type spies hanging around his neck……the show is going to get better and better until we reach the climatic finish.

Hey, if we bring President Trump down will someone finally come in to LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA AND THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION and investigate the extensive decades upon decades of corruption, fraud, malfeasance, mishandling of redevelopment funds, stealing of public school district funds, conflict of interest deals that made people rich millionaires and billionaires, abuse of power in the local court system and the district attorney’s office and sheriff’s department, AND THE INTENTIONAL USE OF BOGUS warrants to destroy the professional careers of so many residents who were activists, advocates or just spoke out or just got in the way of the corrupt and greedy?

Will those who can prove they were intentionally degraded, demeaned, injured physically, emotionally, career wise and maybe even lost of life be compensated?  AFTER ALL, THE GOVERNMENT HAS DOCUMENTS THAT SHOW THEY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON IN LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA FOR DECADES. FROM former Lancaster City Council members who were stomped on and abused to quiet them to judges who took bribe,  SHOULDN’T PEOPLE BE COMPENSATED FINALLY FOR THEIR PAIN AND FOR ADVOCATES AND ACTIVISTS IN THE FACT OF GREAT PAIN AND DANGER?  A Qui Tam complaint was filed, complaints were filed for years by many, judges in other areas put comments on transcripts and this is the home of the greatest AEROSPACE ADVANCES IN AMERICAN HISTORY.  Don’t tell me the government did not know many of us were being tortured just like what DONALD TRUMP IS DOING TO THE MUSLIMS, MEXICANS, BLACKS, WOMEN, MEDIA AND OTHER GROUPS.


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