I Think It Is Sad That Trump Is On A Tragic Trajectory And No One Is Standing Up…People Are Whispering But Spineless

President Trump is not well…..now I am not a medical doctor, but people who have known Donald Trump for a long time say he is not the man they have known for years.  America, what are we going to do?  Rather, what are you Donald Trump supporters who pain him as saintly going to do when your kid needs health care, he puts his finger too close to the nuclear codes, you figure it out.  No wonder IVANKA IS DOWN THE HALL FROM HIM.  Look at how he has stripped down the critical State Department.  Look at all the openings all across the government.  No one knows how to handle him and some of you may think that is funny but not when you are America, one of the greatest nations on the face of the earth.

Remember when Trump talked about how his old life was better then the one he has now.  Maybe he is feeling overwhelmed.  Now this is the same Donald who told us how stupid the General are, the Intelligence Agencies are, and how Donald can singlehandedly correct everything.  Some people are saying he is wandering around the white house alone, does not have a guiding ideology, and is just lost.  YOU BE THE JUDGE.

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