Why The Hell Is Donald Trump Running Commercials About How Great He Is. Didn’t He Already Win The Presidency?

Trump told us his tax plans are going to grown the economy 4% to 6%.  That is a lie…not even a misstatement of fact.  He promised a health care system that is better then Obamacare.  Another lie.  Housing and home ownership for African Americans has been a disaster when compared to other groups.  In many states, the high school drop out rates for African American students is considered at epidemic levels.  Now tell me, why is Trump lying to coal miners, rolling back EPA standards, and trying to overturn everything that Obama has done for every one who falls under the color of the rainbow.

Every group in America is being threatened in America at the moment except those who have lots of money……..and contacts at the top.  Reminds me of when in 1998 I watched a Developer by the name of Richard McClean invest $10,000 in escrow on the purchase of a an empty supermarket, had Nancy Smith the superintendent of the Palmdale, California Elementary School sign a 15 year lease, was able to borrow millions from the bank based on that lease agreement and then turned around and made $2.2 million on the deal.  The school district could have purchased the project itself and done all the work and saved millions.  I was there.  But the deal went down that allowed the developer, the broker James Vose and some other players to dip their hands deep into that cookie jar.  Who would not want to make $2.2 million on a $10,000 investment.

Of course, I reported the deal as a whistleblower but the government did nothing.  The Donald Trump mentality has been alive for many decades especially in California’s Antelope Valley.  And of course, the local newspaper put out GREAT PRESS ON THE ISSUE.  GREAT PRESS AND GREAT COMMERCIALS ALWAYS COVER UP DIRT AT THE TOP…DON’T YOU THINK?







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