The Photo Taken Yesterday After the GOP Vote Showed Middle Age, Rich White Guys, Who Just Gave $346 Million In Tax Cuts To America’s Rich By Raping 24 Million Of Health Coverage Under Obamacare. People With No Souls

I sat and watched the picture of TRUMP at the white house celebrating the passage of the House’s version of a new health care bill and thought what a group of rich, white, fat cats, showing the world how to live off the poor.  It is the middle class and poor who will be cut off from health care as a result of this bill Trump is gloating about.  TRUMP IS A LIAR.  HE SAID HIS HEALTH CARE BILL WOULD NOT ALLOW FOR CUTS TO MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.  TRUMP SAID NO ONE WILL LOOSE HEALTH CARE UNDER THIS BILL THE HOUSE PASSED.  THAT IS A BOLD FACE LIE.  $840 BILLION DOLLARS IN MEDICAID CUTS WILL GUT THE LIVES OF MANY AMERICANS.

And TRUMP celebrates!  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR REPUBLICANS. This is going to be a poisonous political issue.  The headline today will be that the GOP won something; the headline 18 months from now will show that the weakest among us are going to be butchered by GOP politicians celebrating a bill that will put money in their pocket.

TRUMP NEEDED A WIN OF ANY KIND SO BAD………I guess he needed some dirt for his dark soul.


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