America Has The Illusion Of A Government In Place

Yes, there is a Department of Motor Vehicles open in your community and most City Halls are still open five days a week.  You can call the Social Security Office and get information or go to the Pet Shelter in your community and lovingly adopt a pet, saving them from death.  All around us the illusion of a government is in place but is there really governance going on?  I do not think so. Most United States Attorney positions have not been filled, the National Security Agency is under attack by Russian cyber hijackers, and most government positions at the top in Washington, D.C. have not been filled.

Now President Trumpster wants America to believe the vacancies are because the Democrats are dragging their feet or being obstructionist.  Not true.  Trumpeter’s people have not even NOMINATED individuals for most positions.  In other situations, his nominees have voluntarily dropped out.  Most of the drop outs knew they had too many skeletons in their closets to pass scrutiny.  Ironically, it was not Trumpster who took their names out of contention.  The people backed out themselves.  Just like Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, Trumpster was willing to look the other way until the media learned the truth about those individuals’ backgrounds.

We have just an illusion of a government right now.  The president has his daughter, Ivanka, located down the hall from him to hold his hand.  Her official position has yet to be defined.  She shows up in advertisements pitching her own brand of clothing, shoes, and jewelry and there is no real boundaries established for TRUMPSTER HIMSELF AND THE MONEY ROLLING INTO HIS POCKET FROM HIS PRIVATE ENTERPRISES. In essence, the Trump clan is using the American government and taxpayer to advance their own fortunes and the list of obvious conflict of interest issues is long.

We even know now that Trump and his staff lied about Michael Flynn, knowing all along that he had taken money from Russia and interacting with Trump.  He was close to Russia and he was our NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.

We live in country where elected officials are  afraid to do anything.  Trumpster trades on the fear and lack of backbone of these office holders.  WHY ELSE WOULD MOSTLY ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS PASS A HEALTH CARE BILL THAT WILL THROW 24 MILLION AMERICANS OFF OF HEALTH CARE AND PUT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE POCKETS OF THE RICH AS PART OF A TAX OVERHAUL PLAN.  They needed to take the money out of the Obama Health Care Plan,

But that is only the tip of iceberg.  Trumpster picked a  U.S. Attorney named Sessions who Coretta Scott King once wrote a letter to the Federal Government about Sessions being a racist?  Trumpster did not care and neither did the Senate.

So we have a shell of a government in America at this time.  Most senior positions are empty, the State Department where diplomacy with foreign governments is a serious task was “gutted” and there are very few U.S. Attorney positions filled.  We have a president who needs to hold his daughter’s hand, is a pathological liar, changes what he says on a daily basis and is one of the greatest con men the world may have ever seen.

And most of all we have a Congress that passed a health bill that will hurt the elderly, the poor, sick children, those with pre-existing illnesses, the baby boomers, and put money in the pocket of the rich as tax rebates.  In the end, we will be stepping over bodies in the streets as hospitals close and preventive health care ends, leading to far more debilitating diseases.

But what does TRUMPSTER CARE.  He may be mentally unhinged but he has health coverage.

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