Could Palmdale Mayor Once Again Be The Prey Of Lancaster Mayor Parris….I Think So

Do not let the smile fool you.  Behind that smile is a man with a cold heart who will take you to hell and back if you are on his hate list.  Yes, there is a hate list that Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster, California keeps. I have seen it, know who is on it and believe Rex may reach out and touch those who he hates and made him feel like “scum” as he called it, when he was growing up poor  and deprived.  He never forgets those who demeaned him and has spent hours telling me about his hate for certain people who do not even know they better never stop genuflecting to him.   Sorry MAYOR LEDFORD, BUT I TOLD YOU YOUR NAME WAS NUMBER ONE on that list and you did not believe me and protect yourself.     So as Parris fights for life, perhaps that is why he wants to reach out and destroy those who have stood in his way to accomplish what he has wanted.  Ledford kept him from controlling Palmdale for over 20 years and perhaps now Ledford must pay. Perhaps Rex found something to use against him and now  it is LEDFORD’S TURN IN THE BARREL.  

I am a community activist who often write about the politics in Palmdale and Lancaster, California. I have even published over the years in the Los Angeles Times and other major newspapers around the country because I was the recipient of so much “news” by those closest to the predators.  Predators have no friends believe me.   What I have informed my friends of for the past 20 plus years is that this is an area of great aerospace distinction (space shuttle, B1B Bomber, etc.) .  It also is an area where EXTREME CORRUPTION occurred to the tune of millions and millions and millions of dollars.  I know because I was there. For some reason I would be in a room and the fly on the wall or they wanted to use a Black woman with a brain and treat her like their slave.  It was not that I was being paid well.  I thought they were doing something honorable until I dug deeper, became a whistle blower and got my ass kicked.   I worked for about 12 years on the campaign of the Mayor of Palmdale, James Ledford and  for one campaign of Lancaster mayor R. Rex Parris.  The latter was because Parris had participated in the destruction of my career and life after I was a whistleblower against the Palmdale School District in 1998 / 1999 over millions of dollars in deals and  Parris and his surrogates wanted me destroyed.  I got a message from a community member named Michael Dispenza (who later became a city council member for Palmdale and whose first wife was judged to have died from suicide, a gunshot to the head) that a gentleman named Larry Grooms, editor of the local Antelope Valley Press,  was “going to drive me from Palmdale and scorch the earth behind me.”  YOU MUST READ MY BOOK “AN ABSENCE OF HONOR”/

I MADE PARRIS MAYOR as his main strategist, confidante, intimate, professional and personal friend because we became close after he sought me out. He promised to “give me my life back” and tell the community the truth about all the lies that had been told about me in the local Antelope Valley Press to discredit me, slander and defame me, and destroy my career and life because I had told the government about the activities of then superintendent Nancy Smith and even filed a Qui Tam Complaint.  I believed him but you will have to read my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR that is coming out to find out exactly what Parris did to try to destroy me again AFTER I won the election for him by using a strategy that shocked even him.  Because I was so popular then, I controlled a pool of votes that put him over the top and again, my book explains the rest.

But I am not writing this to talk about me. You can read my forthcoming book for all the good stuff.   I am writing to comment on what is legally going on with PALMDALE MAYOR JAMES LEDFORD.  I will make it short and sweet.  I know both men well and I know that Parris has wanted to destroy Ledford and take over control of Palmdale for 20 plus years.  Part of destroying me had to do with that reality because I was the backbone of the Ledford Machine for many years.  Paris thought if he could destroy me, cut off the head so to speak, Ledford would faint away but Ledford had backups and I still stayed involved until I could not mentally handle the constant legal assaults on me by six law firms including Parris’ firm.

Suddenly now LEDFORD IS IN TROUBLE and I laugh as I watch Parris comment on it via news reports.  Six subpoenas were served on Ledford from his office to his home and in between  and Parris acts so innocent and thoughtful.  The reality is that I know PARRIS CONTROLS THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY”S OFFICE, THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, THE MICHAEL ANTONOVICH (hanging courthouse) and some judges.  That is correct and I have personally witnessed it as well as felt the sting of Parris’  whip.  So I am just saying, before you believe anything about LEDFORD just keep in mind that Parris, who I have seen investigative files on many of us who live on what I call the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION can pull the puppet strings of many.  He even once put out a warrant for me,   The warrant was four years  old and magically came to light after  I walked away from him AFTER winning his 2008 mayoral campaign for him.  One of the last things Parris told me was that I was his “bitch and no one would ever bother me” if I stayed with him.  Want more details, read my forthcoming book but a bitch I was not.  I was smart enough for the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to visit me several times over the last several years looking for certain documents to use against Parris.  I have given them nothing about the specific issue they want to get Parris on because I do not believe in Witness Protection Programs. I have been asked and visited several times by them and they know I am a dead end for them because I know what Parris would do if I participated in that kind of action.  Besides, I keep nothing at my home as a former GOP state senator Pete Knight once told me in a parting conversation.  He was giving me a heads up that the GOP was going to destroy me and he was correct.  They tried and tried and tried and yet it affected me in terms of giving me PTSD but that does not mean much because Parris and I were so close we both use to discuss anxiety and mental health medications we both took.  He took his for paranoia and depression: I took mine because of what he and his surrogates had done to me as a COMMUNITY ACTIVIST.   Parris is dirty and that is all I want people to know but there is a line I will not cross because I love life.  I leave Parris to Divine Intervention for the real dirt he has done to so many of us.

What is more damning is that I would not trust the government.  How do I know they just wanted to know what documents I have.  Parris and his surrogates had been protected for years, so the government knows whatever they wish to know about him. I am only sharing this small slice of life because I OWE JIM LEDFORD SOME DEGREE OF LOYALTY BECAUSE WHEN PARRIS TRIED TO DESTROY MY LIFE, LEDFORD FED ME. I had no money, no resources, Parris and his surrogates shut my life down and my children were going to suffer.  It turned out that Ledford and his associates made sure we ate and my kids had a great Christmas.

So the bottom line is do not assume that LEDFORD WAS NOT POLITICALLY SET UP BY LANCASTER MAYOR R. REX PARRIS.  PARRIS HAS BEEN AFTER CONTROL OF PALMDALE FOR YEARS AND HAS TRIED MANY WAYS TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE CITY.  IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY FOLKS.  It is about how a few men became richer then rich and the federal government did nothing despite the fact the federal government was sitting there with billions of dollars in aerospace projects.  MAKES YOU WONDER.

I am laughing now as Parris talks about something Ledford did wrong.  Wrong?  Parris has done so many deals that I know about that Parris knows I will never mention because he would probably do jail time and hurt my family.  But not everyone thinks the way I do so they call me and tell me things that irritate me because no one wants to stand up.  They want me to sacrifice myself for what…..justice……you have got to be kidding.  Parris is like teflon because of the politicians who owe him.  Just like former Sheriff Commander Leroy Bacca was just found guilty in a court of law, no one mentioned any of the deals Bacca and Parris were involved in that led to the local courthouse being named “THE HANGING COURTHOUSE.”  NO ONE MENTIONED HOW I HAVE PRINTED A TRANSCRIPT FROM A LOS ANGELES JUDGE WHO THREW OUT A CASE FROM LANCASTER ASKING WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN MY COMMUNITY.  It did not take into consideration the charade that went on between Bacca and Paris regarding the third trial of RAYMOND JENNINGS THAT WAS MOVED BACK TO MY COMMUNITY KNOWING THEY COULD CONVICT HIM HERE.  Guess what?  He was set up, Parris was determined to find him guilty and he was just let out of prison because the real killer was discovered.  Jennings was set up; Parris made about a million dollars on an associated civil lawsuit.  So ask yourself,  is  PARRIS PREYING ON LEDFORD AGAIN  JUST AS PARRIS PREYED ON ME AND MANY OTHERS DIRECTLY AND THROUGH HIS SURROGATES?  You really must get my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR coming out soon to understand what hell people like me, LEDFORD, and others have gone through living in this community and the federal government protecting those who took so much cash out of this community.

My book is for activists all over America and what we have to go through when our hearts and souls and spirits cannot accept the actions of others.  It is about us wanting to stop the suffering of others and guess what……….. we are not God.  We can only do a little and we have to simply accept that.  My book will outline all the things I did including making it possible to establish a Kaiser Permanente facility in our community by changing a zoning law and that is just the beginning.  But I had to be destroyed because when you do a lot, and you cross the wrong people, they have to get you out of the way.



2 thoughts on “Could Palmdale Mayor Once Again Be The Prey Of Lancaster Mayor Parris….I Think So

  1. The TRUTH will set you free!
    I went through it as well and still going through it out here in this Antelope Valley!
    I was Target me and my Family felt The Wrath!
    I was arrested for something I did not do and was blessed that they sent case to Norwalk and the Judge through it out in the middle of a Trail..
    I Events that I Created for the Low Income and Minority Families was stollen in the City Of Lancaster!
    The Backpack Event Is So Successful that a Black Women could not Create Anything Like This So We Going To Give It The White Women And Act Like She Created! Yeah Right!
    You Have To Watch Yourself And Keep Your Prayers Up All The Time!!
    These SNAKES and DEMONS is all around!
    I Believe Everything That You Saying To Be True!
    I lived it and Still living it!

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