I Can’t Admire A Black, Educated Sell-Out To Trump. A Caucasian Who Ignites The Feeling Of No Justice For The Poor, Elderly, and Sick To Line The Pockets Of The Rich. Shame On “Boys” Like Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson may have a high IQ and have performed miraculous neurosurgeries but he is a “boy” in my mind who Emmett Till would not have had any respect for.

My friends in the news media want me to write watered down pieces of injustice and rage that will be stimulating yet lack the passion of what is truly in the hearts of many.  That is why so many of them got to be big wheels at major newspapers……they take a jab and then fall back on bended knee when it comes to race.  Oh sure, say something about President Trump, but carefully walk the color line.

After the shootout in Dallas and what I consider the murder of two Black people in Minnesota and Louisiana, I took to the Los Angeles streets to drink in the smell of perspiration from over excited and over agitated bodies, and feel the suffocating hate that permeated the air. Like in days gone pass when so many Blacks from Latasha Harlins to Rodney King were being killed or beaten or dying in police choke holds, I moved like a ghost among the protestors in Los Angeles feeling the self righteous energy of my youth. I too shouted out “No Justice, No Peace” just as I had done at a rally against former Los Angeles Police Department Commander Daryl Gates who we banned together and tossed from office after so much police brutality against Black people. His tenure as chief included battering rams into black people’s homes, killing off Blacks in bizarre situations like a back full of bullets. I remember with my newborn son in my arms I had to share up to that rally in front of Los Angeles Parker Center and scream at the top of my lungs In 1992 that one of the causes of the Los Angeles riots had to go.

As I melted into the crowd at the recent rally of Black Lives Matter, a police officer shouted at me and I ignored him. At my ripe age of 63 years and 30 plus years in the political game, I have no fears. I grew up with the attack dogs and water hoses of the Civil Rights era, have defended myself and written many successful briefs on all court levels for Pro Per litigants and the I have no respect for police officers who are more afraid of me then I am of them. The only difference is that they have a license to kill, can plant a gun on you, and manufacture evidence, Please let us not go down that road though because we all know it is true and that is why we are on the verge of a major racial, social, and cultural revolution in America.

In the 1880s, a french scholar Alexis de Tocqueville boldly stated that “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” Was he correct? I am not sure that holds true today. This national epidemic of killing Black people by police departments across America is beginning to mirror the bloodshed days that created leaders like Fannie Lou Hammer, Medger Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Rosa Parks, and Harriet Pitman. Even the radicalism of the Nat Turner types are again raising up, a man who led a rebellion and then was killed and bodily quartered just to allow the anger of Caucasians to be appeased for Turner leading a slave rebellion.

So all the hypocrites in black face play nice now on all these talk shows and mourn the police but I would rather be honest and ask how many Black lives will the “entrenched” police system want for the lives of the five police officers in Dallas? Oh do not kid yourself.

All I can tell Blacks is be careful and do not let the police provoke you, challenge your manhood, get you to strike out. That is what they want. And yet, even when that is not done, we find our Black people, youth and adults, men and women, still killed in both suspicious and even obvious ways that defy

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