Obama Has Left An Awesome Legacy No Matter What The GOP Does

People tell me that they are worried that the GOP is dismantling former President Obama’s legacy with all the Executive Orders Trump is putting through and the attack on Obama’s signature Affordable Health Care Plan.  FEAR NOT.  There is nothing the GOP can do to take away the magnificent accomplishments Obama made and laid the foundation for because they will be enshrined in historical documents.  All the GOP will look like is rich, old, mostly Caucasian men, with probably a  flaccid appendage that needed some type of emotional  thrill to tingle a little.  Overall the GOP needed to continue to attack this brilliant, sophisticated, and well intentioned being to feel better about the fact they did not have one idea for eight years to replace Obama’s health care plan.  NOT ONE!  THE HATERS WILL CONTINUE TO HUFF AND PUFF BUT THEY WILL NEVER DESTROY OBAMA’S BRILLIANT LEGACY OF EMPOWERMENT, INTEGRITY, FORTITUDE, AND COURAGE.   You cannot destroy a legacy that lays the foundation for better things to come.

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