Open Pandora’s Box on Palmdale, CA Pay For Play Deal? I Say Throw In Murder For Hire And Political Gain. There’s No Limit Where Money Is Concerned And We All Have Had To Live In Fear


Palmdale and Lancaster, California have long been the financial feeding troughs for a few who could stay under the radar.  In my forthcoming book tentatively titled “AN ABSENCE OF HONOR’, I have waited 20 years or so to ask one important question……WAS  PALMDALE COUNCIL CANDIDATE ROSE DISPENZA IN 1997/98 MURDERED OR DID SHE COMMIT SUICIDE.  Ironic as it seems many people gathered in my office at the Palmdale School District when I was the Director of Public Relations, Special Assistant to the Superintendent Nancy Smith, and Executive Director of the Palmdale Education Foundation (3 monstrous jobs) and declared there was no way in the world Rose Dispenza shot herself in the head.  I remember talking with individuals who served on SECRET campaign committees she had set up because the ESTABLISHED ALL WHITE MALE GROUP THAT INCLUDED MANY BIG NAME PEOPLE like Bozigian, Epstein, LeMarinel, and others were planning to ditch her for someone named SHELLEY SORSABAL.  Oh yes, that was the real deal.  Rose would call me who had not always been close to her at 1am when her husband was asleep and tell me what was going on with the Tom Jones Concert she had to handle for the Palmdale Boosters Club, the politics going on between the Runners and now Lancaster R. Rex Parris, how she and her husband were going to Lake Arrowhead to try to reconcile their marriage and the affair he was involved in.  The owner of Weinerschnitzel Kelly Ary was a constant visitor along with Forrest McElroy who use to be Superintendent of the Palmdale School District and even Nancy Smith was quite nervous.  Her office was adjacent to mine with a door separating us.  I was one of the few people who was allowed in Rose’s hospital room the day the bullet entered her head as her husband held meetings and greetings with many politicians from George Runner to let’s not give it all away in a conference room.  I sat in Rose’s freezing cold hospital room alone, with the television blaring, saying the Lord’s Prayer and occasionally leaning over her until I saw the bullet hose and froze.  I could not understand where the loves of her life were.  Her son Mark was there and a realtor I don’t wish to name now. When  I was in the lobby area, right outside of that conference room  with Kelly Ary and Helen Acosta  all of sudden people started coming to me.  They started telling me a story about how Rose had had a sudden twitch.  Really?  They told me how Rose had become despondent and depressed. Really?  I had just spoken to her the night before and she was exuberant, excited and positive minded and I was introducing her along with someone named Isaac Barcelona helping me at different Palmdale School District functions.  I learned from someone named Debra Wallace, a former PSD employee who rose to the ranks of a Vice President of finance at Antelope Valley College after starting off as a clerk at the Palmdale School District that she too was helping Rose in the Black community.  Amazing.  So much help for Rose and she felt the need to fire what two shots…..I was told…at her head in the guest bathroom.

If we want to start investigating LEDFORD AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ANTELOPE VALLEY let us start with Rose Dispenza’s death that I never thought was a suicide and I was not alone.  Let us figure out why I watched from my perch in the hospital waiting area outside of that conference room how people were dispatched that night I was told to change the carpet and refurbish that killing scene.  Let us find out about that nonsense story of a twitch.  Let us see the police reports of when Rose called officers to the house that afternoon because she thought she heard something.

I spoke at Rose’s rosary ceremony at the church at her husband’s request.  I wrote a poem for her that Nancy Smith read at her funeral.  I have never been able to get her out of my spirit because I never believed like so many others who came to me afraid that Rose Dispenza did not commit suicide.  When Rose and I finally became close as a member of my Education Foundation her telephone calls to me were regular and information about what was really going on in the Antelope Valley.  One of the last things Rose said to me was that she better win the city council race and then she was going to get divorced.

DID ANYONE EVEN KNOW that Kelly Ary was at the Dispenza house trying to get Rose’s message machine tape and looking around but the tape had been removed.  So many people were panicking because Rose had been sharing so many secrets about her life with many of us and so much political information about the Bozigians.  Everyone just wanted to crawl under a rock.  I even saw Forrest McElroy cry in the Palmdale School District conference room because he did not believe Rose had committed suicide.  No sheriff asked anyone about that.

I do not know who hurt Rose………but if Mayor Rex Parris wants to start digging up secrets on Mayor Ledford, me and other so many others as he has over the years, let’s start with the death of Rose Dispenza.  It was the most shabby sheriff’s investigation I have ever witnessed but then again…..was there really suppose to be a thorough one, twitch and all.  Why not bring in the girlfriend Rose told me and others about who looked almost like her double.  Why not ask those of us who interacted with her almost on a daily basis what her state of mind was like.

No, Rose did not commit suicide and that is what remains on my heart today and that is why I know the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION IS A DANGEROUS PLACE FOR AN ACTIVIST AND I HAVE OFTEN FELT THE LASHINGS OF THE MASTER’S WHIP.  You ask too many questions, you taste the blood from the figurative punches in the mouth because there are skeletons in everyone’s closet.

Come on Rex……you can do better against Mayor Ledford then some pay to play charge.  Even I can do better than that regarding you.  Leave Ledford and the rest of us alone.  You have had your day in the sun and your fun torturing us. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL ISSUES TO RECONCILE.
















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