GOP Takes To Talk Shows And Outright Lie About The New Health Care Bill

Most GOP members admit that they did not even read the entire bill.  They voted based on arm twisting and the fact that they were told the senate would fix the bill.  WHAT A LIE!  Everyone knew Obamacare needed to be made better.  Even President Obama mentioned that.  But instead of working to improve the bill, the GOP wanted to destroy what is already being provided simply because it was put forth by Obama.  That is called hate and using the American people as pawns by a group that has tried to degrade President Obama for 8 years.  Trump did this out of viciousness.  That is not presidential. Only 17% of Americans wanted the GOP to pass this bill but the GOP wanted to do it anyway.  Sounds personal, vindictive and vicious to me.  Most Senators have cried out that the GOP in the House should not have done what they did.  The Senate says that the bill will probably be gutted.

GOP members started outright lying about the health care bill the GOP house passed last week.  They refused to admit that over $800 million in Medicaid funding will be cut for the poor  and needy and $600 million will be given to the rich and those making over $250,000 per year.  The reality is that the bill is so bad the GOP does not want to talk about the details and the fact that TRUMP and Ryan twisted so many arms to make the passage of the bill happen.

This is an example of how SICK POLITICS HAS GOTTEN IN WASHINGTON.  The very people who helped put TRUMP in office are the ones TRUMP’s Party is stabbing in the back.  Now it is estimated that more that 24 million Americans will be pushed off of health care and that Medicaid may be gutted viciously.

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