More US Troops Requested For Afghanistan. Will We Be There Forever?

We have been in Afghanistan for so many years, many kids born back when we first entered the country are now in high school.  So where does it end?  Is America going to be the caretaker of Afghanistan forever?  What is interesting is that Trump people like to believe that the unemployment figures going down means America is doing better.  I do not see it that way.  I think the unemployment figures are going down because people are UNDEREMPLOYED.  People with degrees are waiting on tables and people are taking whatever they can get to survive which is what sane people do.  So let’s take the conversation back to Afghanistan.  Will sending more troops into Afghanistan going to help the unemployment rate or the UNDEREMPLOYED RATE?  Will sending more troops into Afghanistan going to help put a true living wage in place and more money into the pockets of Americans?  And then look next door to Pakistan.  Pakistan does not necessarily love Americans so how does Trump bring Pakistan into the conversation to help America get the hell out of Afghanistan.  The lives of Americans need to be given attention and that is what President Trump promised Americans.  That is why he got their vote and the thumbs up.

But Trump has made a few promises that he has yet to keep.  Remember he PROMISED all pre-existing health conditions would be covered?  He said Medicaid would not be touched yet the bill he pushed jeopardizes many basic pre-existing conditions.  Not only that, the bill Trump pushed takes $800 billion out of medicaid and passes it over to the riches Americans as tax breaks, incentives or whatever you wish to call it.

So should we send more troops in Afghanistan?  Okay, but tell us what these 1,000 more troops will do that 100,000 American troops in the past did not do.


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