Why Communities like Lancaster, CA Are The Same As The Shitty Dealings Put Forth By Trump In Washington. THE FLEECING OF AMERICA and ACTIVISTS GET SYMBOLICALLY LYNCHED

DONALD TRUMP IS NOT JUST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  HE IS GOD IN HIS MIND.  R. REX PARRIS, IS NOT THE MAYOR OF LANCASTER, CA.  FROM ALL I KNOW ABOUT HIM ON AN INTIMATE, PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, SOCIAL, MEDICAL, MENTAL HEALTH, AND SPIRITUAL BASIS FOR YEARS OF INTERACTION WITH HIM AND HIS 2008 CAMPAIGN STRATEGIST, HE TOO THINKS HE IS GOD and demands you genuflect before him like he is Zeus.. Believe me, he did not get rich just by his law firm deals.  Oh no, he had the golden touch where it comes to land deals, China, shell corporations, paperless contracts and his brother William (now deceased), Rose Dispenza (now deceased), James Gilley, Matthew Abrahamson, Sheriff’s Commander Michael Aranda, Public Defender Supervisor Bruckner, Johnny Z. Ferogossa Twins, Phil Arklin, Ralph Bozigian, Forrest McElroy, Frank Visco, Sharon Runner (now deceased), James Vose, Nancy Smith, Henry Hearns Sr aka Bishop Hearns, Deborah Shelton, Michael Singer, A.C. Warnock, Jim McDonnell, Marvin Crit, Wayne Woodall (Deceased), Herb Nero (Deceased), Albert Beattie, Kathleen Duren, Claudette Roberts, Sandy Coralles, David Vierra, Helen Acosta, Elizabeth Smith, Darren Parket, Mark Bozigian, Robert LaScala, Bob Toone, Ross Williams, Antelope Valley Press Newspaper Publisher William Markham, Charles Boswick (reporter), Frank Paronelli (reporter), Bob Wilson (reporter), Billy Pricer (deceased), Randy Hall, Cynthia Beverly (victim), Attorney Dawn Reichman, Former Commission Victor Reichman, Ann Lemon (sheriff’s victim), Jonathan Ervin (Parris’ victim), Kevin Carney, Attorney Milton Grimes – one of Parris’ best friends I interviewed, and so many others who love to talk and who understand  the Zeus complex too well.  So many hands in the cookie jar and so much control of PARRIS OVER WHAT I CALL THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.  HE PUTS TRUMP TO SHAME.   I HAVE ALSO SPENT 12 YEARS RUNNING THE MAYORAL CAMPAIGNS OF PLAMDALE MAYOR JAMES LEDFORD, AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES HIMSELF AS A SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE and Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris has been after him and control of Palmdale for decades.

I have lived in a community about 79 miles north of Los Angeles, California for about 30 years and I have seen all the dirt that is piled high in the political backrooms of Washington, D.C.  In some cases the piles are even bigger because no one seems to understand that dirty deeds can be far more brutal and intense on a local level then on a national level.  The sting, the verbal stab, the twisting of the arm and even the pain and quicksand associated with saving yourself from the creation of a bogus court warrant by one of the most important men in LANCASTER, CA can be more profound because the same people like to dole out punishment for speaking up  over a smaller group of people.   I know.  I have tons OF TORMENT dealt from the highest level of government officials who felt protected by federal government sources.  America is an ideal but it is not an ideal everyone respects at least not in Lancaster / Palmdale, California or Washington, D.C. with TRUMP AT THE HELM.  Our bogeyman here is not named TRUMP.  His title is Mayor and he likes to let people know that his law firm has made millions and millions o dollars, even a billion sometimes, in legal judgments.  I do not think he is counting money made from the dirty deals I have watched him and others hatch from school districts to municipal government contracts, hospital contracts, land deals, and oh so many other deals like the implementation of Walmart Stores.

My community is not  part of what Washington, D.C. residents call part of the Beltway — Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. But the term “belt” is so appropriate.   But my community walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and thus must be a duck.  And believe me LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA IS ONE OF THOSE DUCKS complete with the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney, Court System, Dependency Court, Probation Department and other apparatus of the criminal justice system all in line behind this man.  Want some case numbers where judges in other jurisdictions asked what the hell is going on in my community after they had to throw some of the cases out?  What to see some vacated judgments from cases I lost after I lost them and claimed the judge had DEMENTIA.  Yes, Carlos Baker, was the judge and I called him old bobble head because he had to be told by the clerks where to sign his name.  A retired judge they used to win their cases.  Oh let’s talk about fixing documents that go from Superior Court to the Court of Appeals.  Pick the 9th or the 2nd where my “friend” use to brag how he had contacts on the 2nd.  Just trivial little things missing that appeared on your conformed / certified copy but never quite made it looking the same way to the Appeals Court clerks.

The firing of James Comey of the FBI has a ten year position so he has to have done something very bad. As much as Trump tried to create that image yesterday, Comey was doing just fine.  What happened was that Comey was getting to close to the truth about THE INVESTIGATIVE WORK COMEY WAS DIGGING UP ABOUT TRUMP AND RUSSIA.  THE SAME HAS HAPPENED HERE.  Comey was getting too close and even asked for additional funds.  THERE  WAS A connection between COMEY, YATES, Peete Bharara THE U.S. ATTORNEY FROM NEW YORK WHO ALSO WAS WORKING ON RUSSIAN AND TRUMP CORRUPTION,  AND ONE OTHER I SHALL NOT NAME NOW.  ALL OF THEM KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT TRUMP AND RUSSIA JUST like some of us know where all the bodies…….and in some cases I mean bodies…..are buried in Lancaster / Palmdale, California.  Like the say on the PRICE IS RIGHT…..COME ON DOWN REX, GEORGE, FRANK, AND MANY OTHERS.

And the Federal Government, as screwed up as it is in Washington, D.C. is just as screwed up in our American communities because they let them stomp all over us before they take time to do a damn thing.  They can hardly handle what is happening in Washington, D.C/ and everyone likes to get their palms greased, civil servant or not.

Call this an ABUSIVE USE OF POWER IN ONE SENSE, the way J. Edgar Hoover use to do.  But no, it is worse.  Both men actually ENJOY THE PAIN THEY INFLICT.  HOOVER WAS JUST CRAZY AND OUT OF TOUCH.  These guys are toxic and you cannot count on the institutions that provide the checks and balance are sane either in all cases.  AKA Michael Antonovich “hanging courthouse” in Lancaster, CA.

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