Bringing Russian Intelligence Information Into The White House

Yesterday, United States journalists were not allowed into a meeting with a smiling and laughing “it up” Russian ambassador and other representative.  However, Trump allowed the Russian media organization bring in equipment that many felt uncomfortable with and to take pictures.  Someone even wanted to inspect the equipment first but Trump would not allow it.  The pictures shown in major US newspapers were taken by the Russian Intelligence Network and not the United States media.  Someone wanted to know why the President of the United States would lock the American media out and allow the Russian media in.  Maybe we should just answer that question ourselves and take it as one of the many pieces of the puzzle currently being assembled.

After all, former FBI Director Comey did get fired recently and no one is eager to ask too many questions within earshot of Donald.  If he would accuse former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Plaza and Comey privately said that was “crazy” then you would not want to be caught disagreeing with the Donald.

Hey, does this still feel like America and that we have a safe, sound and sane government in place, at least in the oval office.

God help us.  Now I know what my ancestors during slavery and servitude felt.  I feel as if America is moving closer to that moment in history for all Americans.

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