If Only Trump Would Be A President That Allowed Us To Be Proud Of Him For Just One Day

We wake up to morning news shows that update us on the folly going on in Washington, DC and we forget about the real things in life that count.  We forget about the abuse of authority of police officers on our streets, crime unfolding in our communities, the pathetic public education system that motivates us to boo at a speech given by the elitist Department of Education Secretary recently.  We are not concentrating on the needs of specific groups from those with disabilities to our elderly.  All of our attention is focused on a man named DONALD TRUMP who just happens to be the President most Americans do not adore.  Let’s keep it real okay.

He won the presidency by something called the electoral college but he did not win the popular vote.  Because of how the rules go we are stuck with him and it would not be so bad if he would just act like an adult.  We are not ever asking him to be Presidential.  We just want him to be a grown up and set an example of being rationale, sane, intelligent, and not to bigoted.  We want him to stop acting like a suburban thug or Hillbilly or so uncouth, whatever you wish to call it.  We don’t want to be ashamed of him anymore because he wants to rant and rave and beat people down.  We want him to stop with all this nonsense of hating the media or declaring war on any group that does not adore him. I GUESS YOU CAN SAY, WE JUST WANT A LEADER WE CAN RESPECT.

Say what you will about President Obama or even the Bushes or Bill Clinton.  But they allowed us to respect them, love them, want to support them.  Sure they made us mad and disappointed us at times but we could always find a reason to draw them into our hearts and be proud they were our president.  If only Trump could do that for even a day.

If only Trump could be a leader, a president, that would make us proud to care about him him for a day and maybe even love him.  If only he could exhibit those qualities that replace hate with love, disgust with respect, and frustration with admiration.


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