Taking Time To Realize Donald Trump Is A Lonely Man……And Wishing Him Well

Maybe, if we took politics out of the game of life, I could like or even love Donald Trump’s spirit.  Maybe the core of him is not as evil as I believe it to be.  Maybe he is human and has the same feelings about life and love and family as the rest of us but the image of himself he has created just covers all the goodness up and allows a different version of the man to emerge.

I have been sitting in front of the large picture window watching the trees sway in the wind.  I have the television turned on the MSNBC or some news station, making sure I keep up on the news of the day and the idiotic things President Trump may be engaged in.  I have to notice that he looks miserable, lost, lonely, unsure of himself and a part of me feels sorry for him.  I do not see a bigot, selfish, arrogant fool but rather, as I look deeply into his eyes, I see someone who wants companionship, love, and a true sense of friendship.  He does not know who loves him for himself or because he can make them wealthy or better off.  He does not really know friend from foe or who cares about him as a man as opposed to just being a leech.

I have to admit Donald is in a tough position because mentally he has got to be lost.  That is why the news shows drive him berserk because all he hears is condemnation and he is addicted to the networks assessment of him.  He tweets  because he feels misunderstood and he feels unappreciated.  In his mind, he is doing the best he can and he does not understand why people cannot see that.  He does not understand why he needs affirmation but he does; why he needs to feel connected to some higher source of importance but he does.  He knows all the money deals he is embroiled in, all the skeletons in his closet, all the secrets he hides.  But all of it would be bearable if only he felt loved and I do not believe he feels that at all.  I believe he may be loved but he cannot feel it.  Donald is incapable of feeling love thus he uses words like loyalty to express his connection and devotion to others.

I do not see a happily married man or a beloved father.  I do not see the subtle and gentle touching of his wife’s hand as they stand side by side.  I do not see the small exchanges of gratitude and adoration that couples transmit in their eyes to each other.  I see emptiness, loneliness, and deep need.

So instead of spanking Donald as I always do, I wanted to reach other and offer him a sense of understanding.  Politics is a big, bad world but it is even worse when you have to wander through the white house and absorb the lifelessness of all those empty rooms.

Donald is living in his own personal hell folks.  Let’s at least give him a bit of understanding regarding the emptiness I can see in his soul through his vacant stare.


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