Every Day My Prediction About Trump And Impeachment Or Treason Becomes Possible

LET’S KEEP IT REAL……Everything Donald Trump has touched since he became president of the Great United States has become tainted.  Nothing he touches has turned to gold.

After listening to the dribble from at least five of Donald Trump’s surrogates about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, and watching the Donald Trump interview with NBC Reporter Lester Holtz, I am more assured that Donald is taking giant steps toward IMPEACHMENT OR TREASON now.  Before I thought he would at least take baby steps but he is “losing it” more and more each day to the point that I am expecting a straight jacket is being fashioned in his size.  The man is beyond delusional.  He is beyond insane.  He is in outer space and beyond, mentally that is.  He is beginning to drag other people down with him and destroy the reputations of individuals who have spent a lifetime building stellar reputations.

The Republicans have to decide……go down with the ship or keep eating Donald’s shit.


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