A Leopard Does Not Change His Spots: Wake Up American Fools, Trump Never Was Presidential Material

DONALD TRUMP has brought cancer into the white house and put it in an incubator.  It is growing and it’s tentacles are reaching out to pull others into the web.

Tell me when Trump ever acted like a president of one of the greatest countries on the face of this earth?  Never.  And please do not tell me what a person says as a candidate and the character they exhibit should be held in suspended animation and not included in our assessment of his presidential performance.  An insane candidate becomes an inane president.  An UNCOUTH CANDIDATE does not suddenly and magically become a person of respectability because he took an oath of office.  All of you who keep separating the ugliness of what DONALD TRUMP was during the campaign from what you see now need intense therapy.  A leopard does not change his spots.

If you let Donald Trump get away with the firing of FBI Director James Comey for what is an obstruction of justice by Trump…..you are further eroding the constitutional of the United States. Comey is being victimized and Americans are contributing to that by separating a great and talented man from the position in our government he deserves to hold.

DONALD WILL BE CUAGHT ON TREASON EVENTUALLY.  WATCH AND SEE.  YESTERDAY TRUMP THREATENED COMEY INTO KEEPING QUIET.  Donald is vain, arrogant, and an elitist and who does not give a damn about America and the American people.

2 thoughts on “A Leopard Does Not Change His Spots: Wake Up American Fools, Trump Never Was Presidential Material

  1. Trump is UnAmerican. He is all about all things Russian! Even his law firm is Russian!! He needs to be out of the Whitehouse!! Keep the picture in your mind of the two Russian visitors in our Oval Office with their camera man while our press was Banned!! What secrets of ours is he giving to the Russians??? He has got to go!! We can’t trust a thing he says or does for that matter! He is a pathological liar. If the Republicans continue to support him they will destroy their party!!

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