TRUMP Sends Betsy Voss Out To Suck In Historical Black Colleges That Have Been The Backbone Of Black Society

If the truth be known, President Obama did try to cut some of the funding of some of the funding of our Black Colleges.  But Betsy Voss, the new Education Secretary has insulted Historical Black Colleges in the past and is a billionaire who has never given  damn before about Historical Black College.  In fact, many of the things she has done on the high school and middle school levels has made the Black Community feel that the public schools in inner cities have been overlooked.  Only in those communities where parents have stepped up to the plate and replaced the lack of funding and the negligence of school administrators have Black students succeeded.

So yesterday, Betsy Voss the billionaire got booed to the rafters as she tried to deliver the commencement speech at a Black College. The question I have is do you come with a speech in you hand or some PLAN FOR ASSISTANCE AND REFORM FIRST TO SHOW YOUR GOOD FAITH.  WORDS ARE CHEAP…….MAYBE THAT IS WHAT OUR STUDENTS HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY US.






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