Trump’s Amazing Love Affair With Russia And Lying Is Getting Out Of Control

Everyone likes a great romance but Donald Trump is probably beaming because his love affair with Putin and Russia has no limits or so it seems.  Last week he locked the American media out of his meeting with two Russians Biggies and let the Russian media in.  Who the hell knows what came in with that camera equipment.  For all we know Russia could have invented a “bug” that is on a strand of hair the color of Donald’s hair and who the hell will notice.  We cannot assume that America can sweep the Oval Office and have every conceivable device to pick up bugs.

Then again you have Trump telling his staff to go out and tell the American people that he fired FBI DIRECTOR COMEY because of the Hillary Clinton investigation and that it was US Deputy Director Rosentein’s fault.  Later Trump gets on television during an interview with   Lester Holtz of NBC and admit it was because of that “RUSIA THING”.

If there is nothing there with this “Russian Thing” is why is Trump afraid.  Could he be afraid that for the last decade his company has done some shady deals that he admitted in 2012 on television required “paying bribes”.  Trump laundered money around the world including with Putin that affected Trump’s casinos.  TRUMP IS DIRTY AS DIRTY GETS…..AND THAT’S PART OF THIS RUSSIA THING.   AND THIS MAN IS RUNNING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Trump has such a big mouth that do you doubt he has not told the Russians some of our secrets?  Do you not think Trump is going to cause Americans to loose their lives and many dangers?  What Trump himself has already admitted to with Michael Flynn, Paul Manaforte who got  billions from Russia and other foreign countries and only recently reported it to the United States, Manaforte who was Trump’s temporary campaign manager and ran the Republican Convention, not to mention Page, and even Trump’s own sons who said they could not get money from American banks so they got most of their money from Russian Banks.  Be real.  Russia owns Trump just like your mortgage company owns you or your car lender owns that car.  Keep it real.  What won’t Trump do to America to keep Russia, Cypress, Turkey and other foreign countries he owes money to from taking his property just like your lenders can take your house.

The CIA is pissed that Trump let the Russian Intelligence Agency news staff in the Oval Office last week.  THEY ARE REALLY PISSED.  But Trump does not get it.  He has become a PARANOID, INSANE MAN WHO EVEN AMERICA’S ALLIES ARE AFRAID OF.







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