Trump’s Words On Hillary Clinton Come Back To Haunt Him

Some of our allies are saying they may start sharing intelligence information with us because of what Trump did in sharing information with Russia.  Remember Trump once said during the campaign that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his base would still be behind him.  His ego is that big.  But this is the same Trump  who stomped Hillary Clinton to death about her Server on the campaign trail, claiming she should not handle CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. NOW HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED WHAT CLINTON NEVER DID.  CLINTON HAD A PRIVATE SERVER BUT NO ONE EVER PROVED SHE SHARED ANY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION OR ANY LEAKED OUT.

This is not the case with TRUMP AND TRUMP says he will say what he wants when he wants to.  He has contradicted even his own surrogates and thrown them under the bus whenever they lie to cover up his mistakes, loose lips, or egos.

What are the Republicans in Congress doing?  Fox News thinks he gets them good ratings despite the fired perverts he supported Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes.  What is the Republican base supporting when Trump is lying to them about jobs, health care, trying to get rid of pre-existing conditions, and just because they are enjoying the CHAOS TRUMP IS CAUSING.

BUT REPUBLICANS WHO ARE ENTERTAINED BY TRUMP’S CHAOS BETTER UNDERSTAND THAT TRUMP WILL HAVE PLENTY OF CASH FROM RUSSIA AND PUTIN TO GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE (AMERICA) IF HE HAS TO.  The rest of you in coal mines, manufacturing jobs, in need of health care and have been lied to about the $859 billion Trump is trying to take our of Medicaid and give to the rich in tax incentives better get ready to get in line with me and PROTEST, MARCH, AND SHIP TRUMP TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

DON’T YOU EVER WONDER WHERE HIS CHILDREN ARE NOW HIDING AFTER PRANCING around in our faces for weeks?  Don’t you ever wonder why his wife really does not want to move to Washington?  I DO NOT THINK TRUMP’S WIFE WANTS TO BE INVOLVED IN ANY OF THIS MESS.


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