Rome Fell; Is It Possible America Can Fall Into Socio-Economic Decline Based On A Tapestry Of Fueled Hate By Trump

Americans are so gullible.  They are actually sitting back letting a psychologically challenged man who has conned his way through many billion and million dollars deals convince us they he is our savior?  Donald Trump is the cancerous leader, element, role model America does not need if we want to move our country forward and have an acceptable quality of life to leave our children and grand children. Trump attacked Obama for years and still had an appetite to create more  chaos by accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower.  He is a liar, a sick, sick man who is battling with knowing fact from fiction  and reality from his illusions. But let the Republicans keep Trump believe that day is night and night is day.  It is called politics.

Different slices of America actually repudiate each other to the point that is we had a day of purge, many would probably hurt or harm each other.  Face it.  We can preach brotherly love and all that great biblical, spiritual, or universal love stuff but hate drips from our pores, falls from our lips, comes from balled up punches of our fists, and makes our trigger finger itch.  Do not pretend rage is not the aphrodisiac  of the day and people do not cheer when a cop kills a black male or a cop gets a bullet in return.  We have so much hate in our souls and spirits  that many have to grab their rosary beads, chant, or probably take consistent baths in Holy Water to keep it curtailed.

And there are so many ways that the hate is fueled.  Even an individual running for a Congressional seat in Montana in a special election in May 2017 does not fear choking a reporter over a simple question, body slamming him and then lying about the incident.  That is he lied until he still won.

Go ahead, make me believe if you can that President Donald Trump has not fueled hate at an outrageous level and was so proud of it during his 2016 campaign.  Tell me that the teen who walked into a first grade and mowed down with his gun as many children and he could  that he was not unleashing hate.  Tell me that the Ph.D student who walked into a movie theater and shot it up like a complete bloodbath did not feel hate.  And please make me believe that when cops can pump 28 bullets into the back of a black man on his bed in his underwear, or stick a toilet plunger up the anus of a man that had Johnny Cochran as his attorney does not feel that steel cold hate in their hearts.

So now we have a president of the great United States of America named Donald Trump who hates everyone, probably even himself.  He hates the leaders of foreign countries, Muslims, middle class folks, the poor, anyone who does not look like him when he views his PALE, CAUCASIAN FACE IN THE MIRROR.  And his hate just may destroy America or at least demean us, degrade us, destroy what dignity our nation did possess and turn us at each other’s throats.

And while all that is going on, this bigot, pathological, dementia possible affected fool just may be selling us down the river to someone who hates America collectively namely RUSSIA AND PUTIN.



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