France’s New Prime Minister Told Putin Off To His Face…..The Young Man Has A Backbone….Now Boycott Ivanka’s Products

The new Prime Minister of France did not flinch as he stood next to Putin during a state visit and did not blink an eye.  He called Russia’s news network propaganda and mentioned that Trump and Putin and other such leaders misunderstand power.  Now, tell me.  Does that sound like a Prime Minister who is going to be on bended knee to Trump?  I keep telling you that Trump has created a situation where the United States is being taken down a notch. Trump’s disgusting love affair with one of our worse adversaries, Russia, has caused the world to look at America with some disgust and certainly taken the shine off of our diamond.  Now that would be acceptable if something great were happening in its place but it is not.  There are no programs proposed by Trump, no words by Trump, no deeds by Trump that do anything to elevate the status of the United States.  Instead he is tearing us down and he is dividing our country beyond where we once were during the days of slavery.  The only difference is that the division is not based on RACE ALONE……IT IS BASED ON CLASS, TITLES, MONEY, RICHES, CONTACTS and all the glitz and glamour the Trump clan likes to roll like hogs in the mud over.

I am about dishing it back out.  Boycott  Ivanka’s products because our of all of the Trump children, I find her the  most disgraceful.  How dare she pretend to be this feminist and supporter of children and families when, as his top advisor, she allowed him to release a budget that will kill off many of the poor.  How dare she allow him to release a health care bill that will send many individuals to their deaths.  That is not a feminist……that is a sick chick with a chip on her rich shoulder.




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