Oh Please, TRUMP Kissed Saudia Arabia’s Butt and Tried To Kick The European Alliances’ Butt

Trump was a flat failure where the NATO group and European alliances stand.  Neither Germany or France respect Trump.  Karl Rove on Fox News tried to put Germany down but the truth is Trump has already made the relationship between Germany, France and America toxic because of Trump’s mouth.  Trump made no commitment to Nato after insulting Nato before he even went there.  He acted immature by not reaffirming our Article V Amendment.  Karl Rove says we should not read too much into Trump’s poor performance with the Europeans.  Rove is as ignorant as he has always been.  When has Rove ever done anything to benefit America except lead us to have to expand the space for our dead through the Iraq War.  Rove knows nothing and should not even be a commentator because he is so busy propping up REPUBLICANS that he cannot see the forest for the trees.  No Karl, Trump is not going to come and hire you so you can stop kissing up to him.




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