Trump’s Speech On Veteran’s Day Leaves My Spirit And Soul Cold

Those who sacrificed their lives for America’s freedom are in a cold grave and that is painful enough for those who love them just as much today as the day they died.  But the words publicly share by  President Donald Trump at Arlington Cemetery today ring so hollow.  Maybe it is  because of  the hateful words he has said before this ONE PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES AND RALLIES that spewed hate for almost every American institution that the dead defended.   Today was nothing but a photo opportunity for him for Trump has put America on a collision course with allies even last week at NATO

Trump does not understand the suffering experienced by the poor, middle class, disabled and elderly who are living so how could he even comprehend the pain piercing through the hearts of the families who have lost loved ones?  He has no feelings; just a script that rings hollow with me as he negates the “loving tribute” he attempts to give with such hateful speech, deeds and actions on all other occasions. even a Gold Star family that spoke at the Democratic Convention.  He demeaned them, trivialized the lost of a son who was a hero, and belittled their patriotism primarily because the family is Muslim. Trump cannot even get his travel ban through the Appeals Courts because they drip with hatred based on religion, faith and culture.  What kind of a fake is Trump…..the worse kind.  The kind that can turn a thriving nation over to the control of RUSSIA AND PUTIN by all sorts of treasonous, espionage-like, and other deceptive actions.  And he is praying for our beloved dead.  I do not think so.

President Trump was so insulting to Gold Star families that I am in shock he even came to the ceremony today except the TRUMP CLAN and ORGANIZATION are being perceived as Treasonous, Russian moles, Russian puppets, hypothetical liars, and so many other negatives.  He has lost the respect America built up for decades with our European Allies and has put our major adversary, RUSSIA AND PUTIN, on a pedestal that no one sane can understand.

So Trump spoke today before the families  of the dead and other Americans who legitimately shed tears for the fallen and their families.  For Trump, the ceremony means nothing.   Just another acting job for an insane, perverted, Russian mole who happens to sit at a desk in the Oval Office.

Americans live in a country where so many of us do not serve by putting our lives on the front line.  To those Americans I challenge them to serve in their communities and schools and in daily life.  It also is so interesting that the bodies of the dead are resting on land that was once a plantation and that is fitting for the mingled blood of the once HAVE NOTS AND THE HAVES.

TRUMP IS SLOWLY but surely selling America down a black hole.  Trump has given the demonic and evil amongst us the license to be vindictive, crude, AND evil  toward fellow Americans and legitimate refugees.  Trump’s national advisors ignorantly and intentionally forget that Trump’s evil and degrading words have consequences.  He has elevated LOATHING.

Trump is a growing cancer on America’s reputation and psyche.  WHEN DOES THE CHEMOTHERAPY  treatment begin instead of ignoring that we are getting closer to Stage 4?

One thought on “Trump’s Speech On Veteran’s Day Leaves My Spirit And Soul Cold

  1. Thank you for articulating my core belief I have of this Russian King. You are 100% right . If only those that drank the kool aid could wake from their slumber . I have warned, and ranted for over a year. No one even looks up.

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