70 YEARS OF NATO And Trump Destroys It At The Blink Of An Eye. Trump Does What Is On Putin’s Wish List. There’s More

Trump even shoved a foreign leader at NATO to get at the front of the line so he could have his picture taken up front.  WHAT A WUSSIE ACT.  Then the 17 heads of state in Europe are walking and only Trump is riding in a golf cart.  Trump insults NATO, not in private but in public.  Trump tries to shake the hand of the French Prime Minister and drain the blood out of his hand but the young guy showed “Let’s Play Fool”.  He took Trump on.

The French Prime Minister basically called Trump a punk.  And then someone had to tell Trump’s wife to stop slapping his hand when he tried to touch her hand.  WOW WHAT A COUPLE AND WHAT A PRESIDENCY.  It is laughable at this point until the GOP start getting their asses kicked out of office and Trump has to take up residence in RUSSIA, IF PUTIN WILL HAVE HIM.





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