Keep It Real: Caucasians Better Get A Grip On Their Racism and Hatred of Other Cultures Or Kiss America As We Wish It Could Be Goodbye

First off, let me say it for all you politically people who just cannot say it out loud.  Our new first lady is not worth writing about, talking about, observing, or taking seriously.  Unlike other first ladies she has no goals that she can effectively articulate, has not shown the American people one ounce of genuine concern and has as many opinions about improving the quality of life in America as a groundhog.  Did she have an opinion on that suffocating – murderous health bill the GOP and her husband pushed through?  Did she care about 24 million losing health care coverage.  Does she care about the tax bill her husband wants to put through that will steal from the poor to give more to the rich?  Does she care that she has cost the New Yorkers millions to house her in her Ivory Tower and some kids do not get enough food in New York to eat?  Does she have an opinion on anything except what clothes she should wear to each event?  Kids cannot eat her clothes and her clothes cannot keep those who are homeless warm.

Now to other issues of why Caucasians and misguided non-whites like Dr. Ben Carson need to grow a few extra brain cells.

I remember the Michael Dukakis presidential campaign where Lee Atwaters, GOP strategist, used a black felon named Willie Horton to conjure up the racist feelings of a a divided America.  Atwaters was so “slick” on knowing the psyche of the American electorate that he made Dukakis, the Democrat candidate, seem like an out of touch liberal nut who loved to let Black felons out of jail to attack society again and again and again.  SO LET’S KEEP IT REAL.  When Atwaters was dying, he called Dukakis to his bedside and apologized.  He felt that need many people do of wanting to be at peace for starting such an evil battle between the races and socio-economic groups in America. That is just one example of how Caucasians play into racist stereotypes to scare folks and make them vote for the White candidate.

Did I ever tell you that politics is not the only discipline where the race card is used.  I worked during my senior year at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts for a well-known department store.  I worked in the doll section selling Lady Alexander dolls and would get several phone calls not about the dolls.  My area was near the Santa Claus exhibit and parents would call and ask what “color” was Santa today?  You know, what race?  Many times I would mock them but they were serious.  The store just happened to hire a Black Santa and the white of Worcester, Massachusetts did not want their babies exposed to any culture shock I guess.  Oh it was okay if a black of hispanic child saw a Caucasian Santa but God help us if we traumatized a white kid with an other than Caucasian Santa.

So what is my point?  It is simple.  White people do not want their white kids to be exposed to a black Santa even today and that was in 1976.  We think we have so much to work on in America about racial and social issues but it is worse than what we realize.  That is why all the supporters of DONALD TRUMP literally disgust me.  They would rather let a WHITE MAN with animalistic, juvenile, ignorant and plain uncouth manners be President of the United States of America then a highly educated, sophisticated, mentally well adjusted Black man like Barack Obama.  All the hell Trump has put America through thus far is constantly apologized for, rationalized away, or swept under the rug by the White Status Quo and Blacks and Hispanics looking for a few crumbs from Master Trump’s table.  That is because America has a greater problem then DONALD TRUMP.  AMERICA IS STILL ALLOWING ITSELF TO BE BLINDSIDED BY MONEY, COLOR, CULTURE, SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS AND PLAIN OLD RACISM.










3 thoughts on “Keep It Real: Caucasians Better Get A Grip On Their Racism and Hatred of Other Cultures Or Kiss America As We Wish It Could Be Goodbye

  1. Amazing how some people are hellbent on ascribing racist motivations to those they disagree with. It’s easier to point to skin color, something that cannot be altered, as a cause of foolish behaviour. Closer inspection usually reveals a wealth/power dynamic in play, but addressing that would require effort of character that, sadly, current generations seem incapable of. It’s easier to say ” My life is bad because I’m white/black/Latino/etc.” than it is to say “Hey, look! Those with all the money are hosing us again”. It’s also more profitable for those in control to keep us at each other’s throats over what should be immaterial differences.

    1. Sometimes lives are bad because of the color of a person’s skin and racism. Get real. I’ve been around a long time and you are pretty ignorant if you don’t get the systemic racism in this country.

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