Let’s Play Suppose Jerard Kushner Is Guilty…Will Trump Feed Him To The Lions And Throw In Other Family Members To Secure His Survival?


Do you think Trump is loyal to anyone, really?  If it was between Trump and his son-in-law doing time in prison, who do you think Trump would do?  I know.  Really think about it.

He would tell the ambitious young man who is what 36-years-old that he has more time left on his life card then Trump did.  At 70 years plus, Trump would have Ivanka plead with her bird brain husband to take the fall for daddy knowing that spending time in prison is not foreign to the Kushner family.  After all, Big Daddy Kushner went to prison courtesy of Chris Christie before he became governor of New Jersey.  In addition, Trump would probably promise Kursher tons of money of which he may or may not need because his wealth is on paper.  Daddy Trump would do anything he could to prevent from becoming MADOFF’S ROOMMATE.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER THOUGHT.  Donald Trump Jr mores than Eric is probably in the quagmire pretty deep.  The family does not credit Eric for having much brain power so perhaps the Department of Justice and FBI will let him off.  He is not supposed to appear to bright.  But Donald likes to think of himself as King of the Trump Throne and this just may be a time when being the King has its disadvantages.

And then there’s Ivanka.  She has her brand and businesses all tangled up in daddy’s empire.  Using the same lawyers, accountants, offices, you name it.  She put herself out on the limb at first claiming she was going to take the office delegated to the FIRST LADY and perform some of her duties and then backed up.  But ego kept Ivanka coming as she just had to be named something in the West Wing thus what does she know and what does she has to loose when the TRUMP BRAND IS TORN DOWN AND BECOMES ASHES that will not rise like a phoenix again.  Ivanka was okay on The Apprentice but that was not real life.  She has lived in daddy’s pampered world and looking sexy, sophisticated, and sleek was all that was required for her success.  After all, her brand line is made in China right?  So much for her human rights issues and commitment.

Then there is Trump’s daughter Tiffany by Marla Maples.  Maples has been brilliant.  She seems to have reigned her daughter in and kept her out of the chaotic spotlight.  She did her part  for the Republican Convention but Marla Maples is probably keeping Tiffany out of sight because what can a college student be involved in.  Besides, Tiffany seems so different from the other kids.  She is young, seems to light to giggle, have fun, and not interested in being one of daddy’s shinning lights when big sister Ivanka has the number one spot all wrapped up according to sources who like to gossip about the first family.

Finally there is the son who I have nothing to share.  I have my own opinion of him and his mannerisms based on my experience in education and I think Barron should be allowed to grow up chill and simply enjoy his trust fund.  I do not see Donald grooming Barron to take over the cannibalistic business spot Donald just loves to revel in.

So theirs is President Donald Trump’s world with a current wife who loves to slap his hand away, two x wives who do not seem to appear anywhere and three adoring children who are more and more looking like they are going in and out of a state of suspended animation.  Ivanka cannot even answer questions about her father during the few interviews I have witnessed that sound authentic.  And do you see the way Merkel of Germany looked at Ivanka when Ivanka was speaking at a recent woman’s conference.  I swear I thought Merkel was waiting for Ivanka’s head to start spinning like the movie the Exorcist.




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