Attorney General SESSIONS Found Lying Again Under Oath. It Is Called PERJURY FOLKS. All Trump People Seem To Be Liars

Once again, America finds out that Attorney General Sessions lied not, not twice, but three times under the penalty of perjury.  If nothing is done about this then why should anyone in America who commits be perjury ever be prosecuted?  Oh, only TRUMP surrogates can commit perjury.  Is that the message here.  Things sure are getting worse by the hour for EVERYONE in TRUMP’S WORLD.

The fact is that Sessions during his committee hearing said he had no knowledge of anyone meeting with the Russians and he surely did not meet with any Russian.  Then it comes back that Sessions admits that he did meet twice with the Russians Ambassador.  Okay, getting there Sessions.  Now we learn that Sessions had yet another meeting with the Russians.  NOW THAT GOES BEYOND  SELECTIVE MEMORY…..IT IS CALLED PERJURY.

This is the same Sessions, Senator Mitch McConnell would not let Senator Elizabeth Warren read a letter written by the late Coretta Scott King about how racist he is.  It is a letter that kept him from becoming a federal judge.  McConnell shut Warren down on the Senate Floor and now we know why.  McConnell did not want America to hear what a bigot, liar, fraud this Sessions guy is.  Of course though, TRUMP LOVES HIM.  Trump loves anyone who will do his bidding and dirty work.






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